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    *Mark's POV*

      After shooting a video and a lot of raging, i decide to scroll through social media to catch up on other peoples lives. I stumbled upon..(y/n) instagram?! Damn...she's beautiful. I decide to scroll through her pictures, trying hard not to like any of them so i wouldn't be called....a stalker i guess. I finally put my phone down and go to the kitchen, and munch on some food. "Mph..." Do i seriouslyhave feelings for (y/n)...i dont know..but she's so beautiful. Hm...maybe i should get to know her more before...i confess.

        *Your POV*

        Aftet watching a couple of Mark's videos, you sit on your bed, and go on your phone. You then post something on your Instagram story, a picture of your beautiful face, and words over it. It read "I'm bored, anyone wanna talk? Im also pretty lonely <.>" You then post it on your story, and wait. "Hm...what now?" You look around the room. "This place is pretty boring...all by myselfff" Your phone then vibrates, scaring you a bit. "Oh god..." you grab your phone and see that..Mark texted you?! OwO what's this? You thought to yourself as you open the message. It read "I'm free to talk. You could even come to my apartment if you'd like :>" You just stared at the message..."Hm..." You finally reply, "Okay! I'll be over in a couple mins." You hit send, jump out of the bed, and get all prettied up.

*Author's note*

Uh...oh hi! Uhm, anyways..i probably won't update on thjs story on weekdays, because of school >.>, and life. But yeah, hope you guys don't mind..and some smut will be included in this ;). Okay, yeah, anyway...I'll see you guys the next time i update...Buh bye!!

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