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     *Your POV*
        You finally bring in the last box into your apartment and you sit on the ground. "That was...hard." you say, wiping sweat from your forehead. You then hear screaming, like when people rage, coming from next door. You jump, as you are frightened. "What the hell was that...?" You get up and decide to go next door and see what happened. You knock on the door 4 times, then someone finally comes to the door, and opens it. It's a cute, muscular guy, with red hair. You blush lightly, "I- is everything okay in here...?" You say, nervously. Mark, or the cute guy, replies, "Yeah, everythings fine. I just died in a game, thats it" he smiled. That damn cute...,"O- oh..okay. Just making sure...I- i heard screaming from next door and decides to come and see if everything was okay...sorry if dis-" You get cut off by Mark, "No, you didnt disturb me. No need to apologize."

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