Chapter Ten

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Loud talking and cursing came from outside my window, causing me to jump out of my sleep. Fear bubbled in my stomach as I flung the covers off of me and I carefully walked over to my window. I looked down and felt relief wash over me when I saw that it was only Jason stumbling around outside. From where I was standing Jason seemed drunk; his swaying and muffled slurred speech somewhat gave it away. He was searching his pockets for something while walking around looking in circles. He stopped momentarily and scratched his head then yelled some more curse words.

I glanced at my bedside clock and saw that it was after 3:00 am, way past our curfew. Yawning, I walked away from the window and tucked myself back under the covers so I could go back to sleep. I had just started to doze off again when tapping noises against the window woke me up again. Groaning, I rolled over and saw small pebbles hitting the glass.

"Ugh, all I want is sleep!" I grumbled and got out of bed once again. I flung open the window and hissed in pain when a pebble hit me in the forehead. "Hey!" I exclaimed and glared down at Jason who was getting ready to throw another pebble at the window.

"Sorry." Jason apologized and dropped the rest of the tiny stones. He swayed a bit and sent me a drunk smile. "Can you help me? I really need your help right now." He asked me.

"With what?" I sighed and didn't even bother covering my mouth when I yawned.

"I forgot my key and the doors are locked from the inside. I'll get in so much trouble if I get caught outside after curfew." Jason explained to me.

"Why should I help you?" I snapped and crossed my arms. After all the shit he put me through does he really expect me to help him out?

"Cause I can help you get better." He sighed.

He was willing to help me get better at football? I mean I wasn't as horrible as I was when I first started, but I wasn't up to par with everyone else, especially Jason. The only reason I was so stressed out about doing well is the fact that this was Austin's dream and chance at a scholarship.

"How do I know you're not just saying that?" I suspiciously asked him with a raised eyebrow.

"Ugh, can you help me or not?" He angrily stomped his foot like a child and swayed back and forth.

Geez, what do I do? Do I help the bastard out? Do I leave him there to get in trouble? Unfortunately my subconscious was telling me to help him and not let one of my 'teammates' fail. I groaned as my internal argument continued.

"Someone's coming!" He hissed and ducked into a nearby bush. I saw flashlights coming near my window and I quickly shut it back before crouching under the window so I couldn't be seen.

A few agonizing minutes later the flashlights were gone and I heard the distinct sound of someone puking, no doubt it was Jason. I silently opened the window again and looked down to see my suspicions confirmed; Jason was hunched over in the bush puking.

"Disgusting." I muttered to myself and waited for him to empty out his stomach before talking again. "Are you done? I'd like to go to sleep again." I asked.

"Yeah." He groaned and stood back up.

"I'll meet you by the door." I replied and shut back the window. I sighed as I slipped on some shorts and grabbed my room key before leaving the room. I made sure the coast was clear and made a mad dash for the staircase.

I wasn't too sure if there was anyone patrolling the building and I didn't want my cover to be blown by the noise from the elevator. Two minutes later and one side cramp later I was finally at the front door where I didn't see Jason. Confused, I slowly unlocked the door and opened it. I barely got a foot out the door when I felt someone run into my side and shove me back in.

I squealed in surprise and a hand flew over my mouth. "Quit squealing like a girl." The person harshly told me.

The rancid smell of vomit washed over my nose, making me want to puke as well just from the stench. I looked out the corner of my eye and saw that it was a tipsy Jason who had shoved me inside. I shoved him off me and he fell to the floor with a groan. I rolled my eyes and locked back the door before standing above his crumpled form on the floor.

"You done being a girl?" I asked and nudged him with my foot.

He didn't answer, instead he decided that he was going to start nodding off. "You've got to be kidding me!" I groaned in frustration and started shaking him so he could wake up. When he began to snore I nearly said every curse word imaginable.

How was I supposed to get him up to our room now? He was bigger and heavier than I was and now that he's passed out I'd be carrying dead weight and possibly throw out my back. I flipped him over so he was on his back and grabbed his arms. With much difficulty I started pulling him across the lobby and towards the elevator on the other side.

"God, how much do you weigh?" I groaned and huffed as I dragged the passed out teenager across the marble floor.

When I finally reached the elevator I let go of Jason and leaned against the wall so I could catch my breath. I pressed the button for the elevator and the doors opened soon after. Once again I began dragging him and rolled him into the elevator. I collapsed on the floor next to him and reached up to press the button for our floor.

"You owe me one." I glared at the comatose boy in front of me as the elevator went up. Now that he was sleeping and not scowling or smirking at me I finally took in his features.

His light brown hair flopped over his face, but not too much seeing as how it wasn't that long and the natural bronze highlights weaving through his hair shined in the dim light of the elevator. His skin was a nice tan color from all the time we spent outside and his shirt had ridden up, putting his toned and muscular body on display.

Stop it! I scolded myself. I couldn't be checking out Jason, he was a jerk and I had a boyfriend.

Speaking of boyfriend, Stephen and I hadn't really been spending time together during our free time or talking for that matter. I missed my boyfriend, I missed kissing him and cuddling and listening to him whisper sweet nothings in my ear.

The elevator doors opened, snapping me out of my daydreaming and slamming me back into reality. I got up from the floor and continued dragging Jason down the hall. When we finally made it to our room I opened the door and pulled Jason inside. Now came the difficult part, getting Jason into bed.

"Jason." I called out and tried shaking him awake, but he didn't budge. "Come on man, I'm tired." I whined.

Jason snored and I rolled my eyes, knowing that I had to lift this boy up. I proceeded to roll him on his back and sat him up. His head rolled forward as I hooked my arms under his and struggled to pull him up. When I got him halfway up he decided to yawn and stretch and my eyes became saucers; if he caught me nearly him a bear hug from trying to lift him he was gonna freak out.

During my little panic attack I didn't realize how close I was to bed or the fact that I positioned us wrong so I was actually the one that would end up on the bed, not Jason. The back of my knees hit the bed and I toppled backwards with Jason. His head painfully hit mine as we collapsed on his mattress. I groaned in pain and held my head as Jason continued to sleep on top of me.

Under different circumstances I'm sure I would actually enjoy being under this handsome boy, but right now all I wanted to do was get out from under him and go to sleep. I ignored the intoxicating aroma of his cologne that I secretly loved and pried myself out from beneath him.

"He definitely owes me." I muttered to myself once I escaped. I took one last look at him and climbed back into bed so I could pass out and forget everything that just happened.


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