part 16

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I fall asleep somehow and when I wake up I decide to text Marcus to tell him I'm here. Maybe we can hang out.

Me: hey I came in Trofors and I didn't notice but my grandparents are your neighbors

Mac: omg amazing and cool we aren't far away

Me: yeah I saw you earlier in yard with Martinus and Emma

Mac: hmm you know I tought about something...

Me: ??

Mac: well I trust you a lot so I think I can let you meet someone

Me: who?

Mac: you will see but you can't tell anyone

Me: don't worry I won't

Mac: so what about that you come tomorrow at my place?

Me: I will 😊

Mac: great ❤

I'm really impatient now. Who is that person? Maybe their best friend... No it's not if he said I can't tell that to anyone. Do Martinus or him have girlfriend? I mean I know I don't have chance with him so I should be happy. I think I will ask him about Macey tomorrow aswell. I heard grandma calling me so I go downstairs. "Dinner is ready" she say and I sit beside her and grandpa. "Tomorrow I will go to meet Marcus" "Gunnarsen?" "Yes" "aren't you fan of them? Don't be anoying to them" grandma say. "Well yes I was but after meet & greet he give me his number and we meet in Oslo when I was with class there and we become friends and he called me to come tomorrow" I say. "oh thats nice. You know I know his dad" grandpa say. "Of course you do. You are neighbors." I say and laugh. "They are great boys they help us sometimes" "oh thats amazing" I say. After I ate I go back in my room.

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