Chapter 12: False Confidence

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'Look at you all dressed up for someone you never see, you're here for a reason but you don't know why'

"No, I'm driving-"

"You are not going anywhere with her until the two of you don't attempt to kill each other at every second you're in ten feet of the other." Otis stopped his brother as he grabbed the keys and made his way to the door.

"I'm not going to let her think she has control over the situation!" Mikale snapped

"Oh grow up." Otis rolled his eyes as he shrugged on his leather jacket. "Lilianna, hurry up, you're going to be late."

Lilianna finished putting her belongings into her shoulder bag and then sprinted down the stairs in her black flats that almost had her tripping over herself. Once she reached the door, she glared at Mikale before turning to Otis with a smile.

"Good morning, Otis!" She chirped before skipping towards the Range Rover.

"You could at least say bye to Mikale!" Otis called after her, giving her a cold glare when their eyes met. She stuck out her bottom lip, hoping her big puppy dog eyes would save her skin. "Be polite."

"Bye Mikale." She snapped, stomping to the Rover.

"Little twerp," Mikale grumbled, pulling a cigarette from his jean pocket and lighting it.

"Do the laundry while I'm gone before she kicks us out of the house for being slobs. She almost slit my throat yesterday when she caught me wearing my shoes in the kitchen." Otis suggested, opening the door for Lilianna and starting the car from his keys.

"Yeah I got it, don't make the princess any more upset than she already is." Mikale rolled his eyes.

"And go to the gym, you need to calm down before she gets back. Understood?"

"Last time I checked I was the older twin, little brother."

"Last time I checked I'm the only mature one in this house."

"Whatever, leave already."

"Remember, laundry and gym." Otis pointed at him, zipping his jacket up to his chin.

"Scratch my car I kill you." Mikale sighed.

"I won't. Can't say much for her though." His brother laughed as he jogged to the ca through the light rain that was almost cold enough to be snow.

"So what's your game plan for the day?" Otis asked Lilianna as he drove her to the tarmac.

"Not too sure. I don't want to go in, especially after yesterday's incident. I don't want to even go to that prison, honestly." The small girl mumbled, playing with her fingers.

"Then don't go," Otis suggested.

"Unlike you and the rest of your little crime guys, I can't just take any day off of work that I please. I have bills to pay and the government to please." She pointed out.

"I'm sure Hardy would let it slide."

"He would, but he's not my boss."

"But I thought-"

"He's my partner, not my employer."

"Then who the hell is your employer?" He furrowed his brows in confusion.

"The Federal Government."

"You mean the President of the United States determines whether you have a job or not?"

"I'm a specialized criminal psychologist, of course, I work for the government. The whole point of my job is to crack the minds of the worst criminals taken into custody. Vendetta, surprisingly enough, isn't the first criminal I have dealt with by order of the American justice system." Lilianna explained.

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