Eighteen; Naughty Baby

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I hurried into the bathroom and gently placed my hand on her back. She was sweating terribly. She wiped her mouth and leaned back into me.

"Princess, where can I find a washcloth?" I rubbed her arm gently with my thumb, and she pointed to the cabinet above the sink. I lifted her and gently placed her on my hip while I stood and opened the cabinets. The first one had towels and the second had cloths. I grabbed a fairly large cloth and wet it with cool water.

"Baby, do you want a bath here or back at our house?" I wiped her face and down her neck and chest. I didn't like that she let him see her bra, but that will be a discussion for another time.

"H-Home, mommy." She stuttered and clung onto me. Her voice was so broken.

"Okay, sweetheart. Where are your jammies?" She hugged me tightly, but I didn't know what she was thinking. I carried her back out of the bathroom and to a bedroom. I put her small body on the bed and used the cloth to wipe her down.

"Princess, I left the baby bag in the car. I want you to be still and relax while I go get it. Alright?" She pouted but nodded anyway.

"Good girl." I kissed her forehead and jogged to the car. I grabbed all my bags and hurried back to my baby.

I leaned in the doorway after seeing her small dirty acts. She had her hand in the top of her diaper, lip bitten, and head thrown back. I watched as her chest rose with each rapid, choppy breath and her mouth drew up when she needed to moan. I cleared my throat loudly and my little princess blushed, freezing, panicked.

"Now, what do we have here? Feel good?" Her face brightened, if that is possible, and her hand shot out of her diaper. I walked towards her slowly and grabbed her hand.

"Now, why is my little baby being so naughty? Hm?"

"I-I-" She stuttered and reached for me.

"Now, silly girl, what do you want?" She made adorable grabby hands while reaching towards me.

"Hold me, mommy." Her voice was quiet.

"But kitten, don't you want out of this dirty diapee?" She shook her head.

"Why is that?" I ran my finger down her stomach and gently popped the tape off one side.

"M-Mommy no see!"

"No see what? Mommy has seen your little pussy before. Do you not want mommy to know how wet you are?" Her eyes grew and her mouth opened. I popped the other side of the diaper and used a cold wipe to clean up the pee that soaked her. As I wiped up her, I let my pinky sink in and listened to her soft whimpers.

"Now mommy sees just how soaked you are." I pulled my pinky out and gently kissed her most private skin.

"From now on, only mommy can touch her little princess. Do you understand?" She nodded, gasping for air.

She is so hot when she's horny.

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