Chapter 19

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“Alright, so what are we doing here at 5:30 in the morning?” Dean grumbled.

He was right. It was way too early to be out and about. I was still nearly half asleep and the black coffee that Sam had gotten for me this morning wasn’t helping in the slightest. I longed to go back to the hotel and crawl back into bed.

“I’m with Dean on this one. It’s too damned early to be up. What’s all this about?” I asked.

“I realized something. The videotape shows the killer goin’ in, but not comin’ out,” Sam replied.

“So he came out the back door?” Dean asked.

“Right. So there should be a trail to follow. A trail the police would never pursue,” Sam replied.

“‘Cause they think the killer never left. And they caught your friend Zack inside,” I agreed. “I just don’t see why this merits being up at this ungodly hour.”

Sam chuckled. “I do recall you being up earlier than this while we were staying at the inn,” he reminded.

“Yes, but that was before when getting four hours sleep was more than enough. Now I need at least six to function. And that definitely was not the case last night,” I grumbled.

“Not my fault you stayed up half the night emailing your sister. I didn’t even know you guys talked,” Sam said.

“We usually don’t. But I promised Dad and Emma I’d keep in touch and I am. I just wish that I could keep in touch with Emma at a more suitable hour,” I said with a yawn.

Sam gestured to a nearby telephone pole and Dean and I walked over to see what it was.

“Blood. Somebody came this way,” Sam said.

“Yeah, but the trail ends. I don’t see anything over here,” Dean said, shaking his head. He didn’t have any more time to argue, however, before an ambulance zoomed by the front of the house, it’s sirens sounding. The three of us exchanged looks before taking off after it.

We arrived at the scene to see an Asian man in an expensive business suit handcuffed and being put into the back of a squad car.

“What happened?” I heard Dean ask a nearby woman.

“He tried to kill his wife. Tied her up and beat her,” she replied, a tinge of fear in her voice. “I used to see him going to work in the morning. He’d wave, say hello. He seemed like such a nice guy.”

I walked over to Dean and leaned over to whisper in her ear. “Just like Zach and his girlfriend. Convinced it’s our kind of thing yet?”


“Alright you two, pat yourselves on the back and pop the bottle of champagne. This is definitely our kind of problem,” Dean said with a sigh.

“What’d you find out?” Sam asked. He and I were behind the apartment complex, checking for anymore evidence.

“I just confirmed with the patrolman what that lady said. He did beat his wife. The kicker is  the dude was driving home from a business trip when his wife was attacked,” Dean replied.

“So he was in two places at once,” I surmised.

“Exactly. Then he sees himself in the house. The police think he’s a nutjob,” Dean agreed.

Sam grimaced. “So now we’ve got two dark doubles attacking loved ones in exactly the same way.”

“Could be the same thing doing it, too,” I interjected.

“Shapeshifter? Something that could make itself look like anyone?” Sam asked.

“Every culture in the world has a shapeshifter lore. You know, legends of creatures who can transform themselves into animals or other men,” Dean said.

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