Chapter 56: Surprise

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"But Harry, this is your money. I can't let you spend all of it on a new kitchen. It was a mistake." I argued. "Yes, a mistake I made. I'm tired of being the bad guy and destroying everything. I want to fix something for a change."

I didn't want to argue with Harry anymore. If this something that he wanted to do then I guess I can't change his mind. Plus the workers have already started. My mother looks so happy. Who am I to tell Harry how to spend his money.

"Well thank you. I'm not going to tell you what to do with your money but just know that you didn't have to do this." I said.

"Anna, I said it's fine. Now go do some homework or call Nina. Let the adults handle this."He smirked. "haha, Very funny. You're not even that much older than me." I defended. He leaned down and whispered in my ear.

"Old enough to punish you if you disobey me."

I gasped. He chuckled at my response. "Now run along, I have work to do." He instructed.

I turned around and walked up the stairs. Harry is acting so different today. A huge contrast from a few days ago. What's changed. I like this new Harry, He's so playful, generous and considerate. What's gotten into him? I decided not to think too much of it. Once I reached my room I pulled my phone out of my pocket to text Nina. Hopefully, she calmed down enough to talk to me and tell me what's going on with her.

A- Hey, What's going on?

N-Nothing, I don't feel like talking rn.

A- I know there's something wrong, you've been avoiding me all day. That's not like u.

N- just leave me alone. I don't want to talk.

A- Ik that's not true.

N- I don't want to be friends anymore okay! now stop texting me.

I looked down at my phone in shock. This was so not like her. something is up. Why wouldn't she want to be my friend anymore? We were just talking to each other yesterday.

A- You don't mean that?

N- I do. So leave me alone you ugly prude. I don't want to be friends with you. What part of that don't you understand! just leave me alone, damn!

I threw my phone to the other side of my bed with tears in my eyes. Fine. If she didn't want to talk to me then that's her doing not mine. I don't know what's up with her and as of now, I don't care. I flopped on my bed face first and screamed into my pillow. I don't care about her. Whatever she's going through she'll have to work it out herself. I'm not going to be there when she needs me. I've been nothing but a good friend to her since the beginning but if she wants to throw our friendship away over something stupid then be my gust. I don't need her anyway.

I heard a knock at my door. "Who is it?" I mumbled. "Anna, open the door right now," Harry said firmly. What is it now? I really wasn't in the mood for Harry's bipolar behavior right now. I stood up and groaned as I dragged my feet to the door. I swung it open. He did not look happy.

I looked at him confused. "What?" I said. He held my backpack up in the air. "Do you want to explain this?" He stated. I looked and him dumbfounded. "Um, yeah... It's my backpack. What are you doing with it?"

"The question is, What the hell was Zayn doing with it?"

My eyes went wide. I must have left it in his car when he dropped me off.

"He dropped it off and said that you left it in his car. Did you seriously ride in his car? What the fuck did I say about hanging out with Zayn?" He said in a hushed, harsh tone.

"So what? He gave me a ride home from school. I wasn't going to say no. I quite frankly hate walking with a broken foot. Which was your fault in the first place."

"Don't you dare blame that on me. I wasn't the one who told you to jump out the window." He spat.

"Well if you didn't act like a crazy person and scare me to fucking death I wouldn't have had to jump out the fucking window."

"That does not justify Jumping out of a two-story window. and lower your tone with me," he growled.

I snatched my backpack from him and slammed the door. How dare he talk to me like that. He keeps forgetting that he's not my father. And to think he was changing. He's still the asshole harry we've all grown to know.

I heard him curse to himself as he walked away from my door and slam his. I didn't care about his stupid tantrum. they're getting old anyway. If he thinks I'm going to chase after him I'm not. I'm tired of chasing after people. I also need to have a chat with Zayn tomorrow.


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