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It was around evening when Nandini tried to open her eyes but closed her eyes again as she couldn't adjust with the bright light present in the room. Slowly she again tried to open her eyes adjusting to the bright light present in the room. She slowly opened her eyes and her eyes scanned the whole room and finally it found those restless pairs of eyes which were already looking at her.


She took his name as a mere whisper with great difficulty. And Manik ran towards her.

"Yes love. What happened? You're fine? Is it painting anywhere?"

"No. I'm just feeling a little weak."

"Obviously you'll feel weak na. You're concious almost after 2 days. You're still burning with fever. Doctors have confirmed that you've got typhoid. God Nandu why can't you just take proper care of yourself?"

He shouted all of a sudden and Nandu was shocked .

"Tw...Tw...two...two...two days? Manik are....Are you sure? I was unconscious for two days? And ty..typhoid? I mean how? I don't remember eating anything unhygienic."

"Yes. Do you even know how worried I was?? Please Nannu please take care of yourself. Otherwise how am I supposed to leave happily and peacefully out there miles away from you? Thank God I was here this time. Even Amma & Appa were out I can't even imagine how Navya would manage it alone."

"Even I'm glad that you're here with me. You don't know how much I've missed you."

She replied with a weak voice and a drop of tear came along.

"Hey. Don't waste them. They're precious. They're my precious possessions. They're all mine."

"I love you Manik. Please don't leave me. Don't you ever leave me."

"Nandu. Calm down. I can't even dream of leaving you in my wildest dreams sweetheart. No matter how many mistakes you do. No matter how unromantic you are😉 no matter how cranky and crazy you are I'll never leave you. We both are bound to be together forever my love."

And with he joined their foreheads together.

They were sitting comfortably in the silence until they were disturbed by a cough. Manik looked at the direction and found Navya standing at the door.

"If you guys have forgotten let me remind you that you're in a HOSPITAL ROOM not in any HOTEL ROOM so please behave."

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