Going All The Way

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Salvatore smiled sheepishly. "Why don't we try it the other way. I- towering over me brings back old memories," said Salvatore.

Aryan nodded. He went down and the Salvatore impaled himself slowly onto Aryan's cock. Salvatore has never ever thought anal sex to be this enjoyable to the bottom. Aryan came. He smiled and then a teardrop slid down his eyes. 

"Are you okay?" he asked Salvatore who nodded, his tears mixing with Aryan's. 

"I prefer bottoming by the way and I wouldn't mind these experiments. I- I enjoyed this. I am glad we did this," said Aryan.

"I prefer topping," said Salvatore and Aryan snorted.

"Tell me something that is not obvious," he smiled.

Salvatore laughed. A full out laugh and Aryan just gazed at him seeing the carefree expression.

"It helped to know that it doesn't hurt that much. I - I can be more firm with you," smirked Salvatore already imagining what all he would do to his Aryan. He did like bottoming but was sure he preferred topping over bottoming. 

Aryan blushed as he looked up at Salvatore. He did love topping his man. However, he preferred bottoming. 


Salvatore smiled as Aryan went on an online shopping spree for the kids.

"They are growing up so fast," scowled Aryan laying his head on Salvatore's chest.

"Yeah, I can't believe they are six months old already," said Salvatore.

"I want us both to savour every moment of this," said Aryan.

"Hmm, yes. I will never be able to forgive myself if I lose out on our children's life because I was busy with work," said Salvatore.

Aryan looked up at Salvatore and blushed. 

"I can't believe we did that," said Aryan curling himself onto his sexy husband's arms.

Salvatore smirked.

"I can see what the girls saw when they threw at you all the time," teased Salvatore.

"Stop making fun of me or you are sleeping on the couch," scowled Aryan.

"No, you are a mean top," said Salvatore

"Shut up, I know I suck," scowled Aryan.

"No wonder they all went after someone else in the end," groaned Aryan.

"Why? Do you regret them leaving?" asked Salvatore calmly, too calmly and Aryan broke out into a laughter making Salvatore roll his eyes.

"Look who is jealous and no I don't regret it you jealous man," said Aryan getting up from the floor and promptly dumping himself on his husband's lap. Salvatore groaned but pulled him closer.

"You know when I met you I thought you were hot but an asshole," said Aryan.

Salvatore snorted.

"I thought you were a brat and I was right," said Salvatore.

"And you would still indulge all the wishes of this brat," said Aryan matter of factly. He knew it in his heart and in his gut that the man would move mountains for him.

Salvatore looked at him and smirked.

"That I will. Brat or not, you are mine," said Salvatore.

Aryan blushed and he decided to take revenge on his husband. He went down on his knees wiggling his ass on the man's lap purposefully sliding his ass over the man's cock line as he looked seductively. Salvatore groaned and then Aryan went on his knees and untied the man's joggers and took his huge cock in his mouth and groaned as he licked all the from the tip to the root, licking and sucking the skin and then he was playing with his husband's balls as he sucked Salvatore's cock till the root. Salvatore lost all semblance of control and gave brutal thrusts to Aryan's mouth.

Salvatore groaned as he held Aryan's head on both sides.

Aryan let go with a pop when the man was on the edge. 

Salvatore literally gaped.

"Take that," teased Aryan as he came and looked at Salvatore who was rock hard and looked frustrated.

Salvatore grabbed him and soon had Aryan beneath him. Within no time Salvatore undressed his beautiful husband who was smirking as he wound his arm around him. Aryan moaned as Salvatore prepared him with lubed fingers.

"Ah, groaned Salvatore as he entered Aryan who moaned. Salvatore smirked as he pounded Aryan into the sofa. Aryan moaned into Salvatore's mouth as the man kissed him deeply and he kissed back with vigour. Salvatore smirked as he squeezed Aryan's butt and Aryan enjoyed it.

Salvatore came.

They laid there satiated and Salvatore moved the hair from Aryan's face.

Aryan growled in happiness as he ran a hand through his name tattooed on Salvatore's body.
It was not easy. Taking care of five kids. They were still managing it. Aryan was staying home and he would work from home when absolutely necessary. Or he has a board to take care of the business.

Salvatore smiled. He saw Sagar crawling out of the play cot. Aryan was asleep with all five around him.

"Where do you think you are going," asked Salvatore as he tickled his son who laughed.

Aryan stirred.

He saw the father-son duo and smiled.

"How did the selling go?" asked Aryan.

Salvatore smiled.

"Good. They wanted to know why I would want to sell a successful unit," said Salvatore.

"And?" asked Aryan

"Well, I told them I am cleaning up and don't make me demonstrate myself," said Salvatore.

Aryan laughed. He came over to Salvatore.

"Are you okay," asked Aryan.

"Not yet, I need to clean up the business. They are growing up so fast and we won't be able to keep them in here," said Salvatore.

Aryan nodded.

"Are you sure that is what you want?" asked Salvatore.

"Why do you think I handed over the gang to Caroline," asked Salvatore.

"For our kids," said Aryan.

"It is for our kids, yes and it is also for us, you and me. I am cleaning up the business because of that too," said Salvatore.

Aryan smiled and kissed on Salvatore's forehead and hugged him.

"What happened?" asked Salvatore.

"Thank you so much. You have no clue how relieved I am. Do you know how scared I was when you would leave, not knowing if you would be back," said Aryan?

"I know," said Salvatore.

"Are you really happy with the decision," asked Aryan.

"Yes, I want to live too. With you six. Earlier I used to not care about living. Now I do," said Salvatore.

"And what if we lose one of them because of this. I - I want them to have the most innocent childhood possible," said Salvatore.

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