First Breaths

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The Vaescils ruled for more than two centuries before anything changed.

Humans were forced to live their lives in fear. The once abundance of them dropped to a measly fraction of what it used to be. The Vaescils kept watch over their growth, ensuring there were never too many or too little.

As much as they didn't want to admit it, they needed the humans.

The planet was made for every creature to coexist and have a purpose, including the ones they tried to dispose of.

The Vaescils are not meant for Earth.

Similar to humans, they need require nourishment and different assets to survive. But whatever they tried to plant, died. Whenever they tried producing more of something, they were unsuccessful. Earth did not like them, and refused to help them gain anything. They had no way of knowing what they were doing wrong.

The moment they caught a human doing it effectively, they captured them and forced them to show them how.

Not even that helped.

No matter what the Vaescils did, they could not farm nor produce.

Therefore, they forced the humans to do it.

Even if it was only because they had to work for them, the humans were grateful to be alive.

It remained this way for years, humans serving the Vaescils.

Then ice cracked, fire dimmed, the earth quaked, and waters parted. The shadows lightened, and lastly, the skies crackled.

Six eyes opened simultaneously.

On different parts of the world, they broke free of their confines, slowly awakening from their deep slumber. Eyes wandered around their surroundings, feeling a deep sense of power as they did so.

Gentle hands caressed their faces, lifting their heads. Dazed eyes looked to the figure above, a soft smile on its face.

"Welcome back, my child."

Only a confused head tilt was returned.

"It is a little bewildering at first, take your time, darling," it said, brushing the long hair from their faces.

One blink.


"Who are you? Who am I?"

The questions left their lips in a small utter. Nothing seemed familiar, everything was a blur.

The figure eased them up and lead them by the hand. They exited the hiding places, admiring the twinkling lights above. All were astonished.

"Marvel in its beauty, my child, for it is the one thing that hasn't been tainted by the impurities on my land."

Their attention was brought back down, only to be amazed once more by what stood before them.

The figure could finally be fully seen under the light of the moon and stars.

Long dark brown ethereal hair fell around her feet in waves. The silky gown she wore dragged behind her with a cape in an embassy of greens. Her most noticeable feature though, was her skin. It was a mixture of brown, green and tan, making the million blue shades in her eyes stand out as she glowed.

She smiled.

"I am Mother Earth, and you are chosen. Do you remember what has happened?"

Pale skin stood out from the ice encompassing a girl with equally cold eyes. She looked around her, and back to her resting place. "The appeared out of nowhere.... I  was trapped inside."

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