Chapter 28.

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Where do you think you're going?


"Ms. Teller? You're free to leave." I look up at the scrawny rat resembling man and stand up, straightening my dress and walking past him. He reaches out and grabs my arm, pulling me closer to him. "You're wrapped around my finger, so is your husband, your kids, the club. Remember that."

I look up at him and take a deep breath, reserving my anger. "Remove your hand from me, or I will be contacting your superior." I tell him bluntly. Lincoln continues holding my arm and I look down at his hand then back up at him, "That was not a request." I reassure him as I wait for him to remove his grip. I walk past him and down the hall where Jax is leaning on the door. I rush over to him, wrapping my arms around his neck and holding onto him tightly. "I was so worried." I tell him, tears welling up in my eyes as he holds onto me.

He presses a gentle kiss on the top of my head. "Let's go see the kids." He tells me, taking my hand and walking me out of the security building.

I look up at him as we get into the parking lot, noticing Chibs in a van waiting for us. "What did you do, Jax?" I ask him, worried as to where this would take us.

He sighs, looking over at me. "I made a deal."

My eyes widen, knowing exactly what could come from this. The club would rip him to pieces, he could be murdered for this. "Jax." I say quietly, fear lacing my voice.

"He's never made a deal with someone like me. He's going to get hurt from this, and I'll make sure he pays for bringing you and my kids into this." He says sternly before opening the van door and letting me get inside the vehicle.

"Jackie boy." Chibs greets him, patting his shoulder as he sits in the passenger seat beside his VP. "Let's get ya' two home."

I sigh, leaning my head back against the seat and rubbing my tired eyes, regretting coming to Charming and every being a part of this god forsaken town.


We drop Al off at home with the kids and her dad. Chibs looks over at me and sighs, "What's going on?" he asks me as he continues driving. "somethings up."

I look over to him, watching his focus on the road. "I made a deal with Potter. He wants us to work with him, fund our club and take out our enemies. It was that or Al had to choose between me and the kids. I couldn't put that on her. They were going to take the kids away and put them god knows where." I tell him.

Chibs sighs, shaking his head. "You sure this was a good choice?" he asks.

I look out to the window, "It was my only choice."


I walk into the house, wrapping my arms around the kids and holding them closely. "Mama, we missed you." Thomas tells me as he hugs me.

"We were worried." Abel admits as he watches over his brother and sister. "I made sure they were okay, but Mel was scared and so was Tommy."

I nod, kissing the tops of their heads. "Well you don't have to worry anymore, I'm back and we're going to go back home soon." I tell them, knowing damn well I can't stay in Charming if I want to keep them safe and out of this madness. "We'll stay for the rest of the weekend, but then we're going home, okay?"

Abel nods, along with Melody and Thomas. "Where's dad?"

I look at Abel and ruffle his hair, "He just wanted some space." I tell him, knowing that wasn't the answer he wanted to hear. I look up at my dad and he nods, giving me a small grin before placing a kiss on my forehead. Abel nods and walks away, his brother and sister following him to play a game.

"They're good kids, Al." Tig sighs, "Especially Abel. He's more like Jax than I think anyone wants to admit. He's not blind to what he does." He tells me, "That kids pays attention to detail."

I look over to my dad and nod, "I know. Him and Jax just started talking again. He was so angry about Jax staying behind, and I don't know what's going to happen, dad. Jax can't leave the club now." My dad raises an eyebrow and I clear my throat, "He made a deal."

My dad's eyes widen, and I feel the anger pulsing through his veins.


I sit in the clubhouse, puffing on my cigar as I stare at the empty table, thoughts and concern racing through my mind. I lean into the chair and let out a long sigh before hearing a knock on the door. I continue my stare on the table and watch absentmindedly as the table begins to fill up with my brothers.

"What's going on, Jax?" Bobby asks, looking over to me as every takes a seat.

I look over at him. "I made a deal with Potter." I admit, awaiting the screams and anger from my club.

"You did what?" He asks, not hearing me correctly the first time. "Without talking to any of us? You ratted?"

I shake my head, "I didn't rat, I made the only choice that I could." I tell him confidently. "It was that or they were going to make Al choose between me and the kids. They'd take the kids to social services if she chose me, and I couldn't make her pick between those." I tell him calmly.

Tig shakes his head out of anger, "Maybe next time don't bring her into this shit." He seethes at me.

"I didn't bring her into any shit. They used her as leverage, they knew I'd pick whatever choice protected her. Don't act like I sold her out." I warn the old man, not caring if he's my father-in-law. "I wasn't going to put her in that tough spot."

Tig laughs with anger, "Why? Was easy for you to make the choice between the club and your family, why not let her pick what's actually best for her? The kids."

I glare at the man, "We got a problem?" I ask him, staring at him.

Tig smirks, "Nah, she'll realize what's best for her, and so will your kids." He tells me, not fearing any repercussion of his words.

"Let's settle down now." Chibs intervenes, looking at Tig and then back at me. "What's this deal, Jax?" he mediates the conversation.

"Potter is going to protect us. They're going to take our enemies, fund our needs and we just report back to them. It was the only choice I could make, but I have a plan. We get what we need and then we cut it off." I tell them, "I'm not going to be known as the club who ratted."

Bobby shakes his head, "Too late." He says quietly.

I look over to him, "I made the best choice for my family!"

"You made the choice that would keep you in Charming!" Tig shouts at me. "You don't give a fuck about family or you'd be figuring something out so that you could be with them! Instead you're keeping yourself here; in Charming, in the club! Don't say you did this for them, Jax!" he shouts at me, standing up and pointing a finger.

I glare at him, "You don't know shit about my family or what's best for them."

Tig laughs, "I was there for them when you ditched and stayed behind fucking every porn star pussy you could. I know what's best for them is far away from you and from Charming." Tig walks towards the door and then stops in his tracks, "Abel isn't even a teenager yet and he already hates your guts. He knows he's never been your priority." He hisses at me before walking out and slamming the door behind him.

I sit in my seat, my chest heaving from the argument. I look around at the table and shake my head, "Get out." I tell them. Chibs and Happy try to talk to me, "I said get out!" I scream at them, watching them all pool out of the room.

I take my coffee mug and whip it across the room, watching it shatter against the wall. "Fuck!" I scream, taking my hair in my hands and pulling it. Knowing that everything Tig said wasn't too far from the truth. 

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