Sara Lance- Similar (c)

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You sipped your drink as you rolled your eyes once again. You'd been around longer than the modern world, but these people were the most annoying people you had ever come across.

"You'd fit amazingly in our team," one of the men stated, touching your arm again to force you to turn towards him.

"Touch me again and you'll lose your arm," you spat.

All you wanted was a quiet drink at a bar, enjoying the pleasures of the 21st Century, but such luck would never occur. You were a rarity in the world, you were an immortal, having been born before most modern civilisations, however you'd adapted with time, and knew more than most, having been through most of history. You'd done your best to keep that element quiet, letting the world pass, not getting involved with most of what was going on. Somehow these people knew who you were, knew what you were capable of and wanted you to be part of their group. You had no interest.

"We need your help," the other man said.

You rose from your seat, sick of the interaction, wishing to just have some peace and quiet and move on with your life, however they seemed to not care for that.

"I've had enough for today. Follow me and I will kill you both," you stated, heading towards the exit.

As you got to the door of the bar, your exit was blocked by a blond woman who's back was to you.

"Excuse me," you frowned.

When she turned to you, you were unable to move, unable to take your escape from weird recruiters.

"Ada?" You whispered.

You hadn't seen this woman for centuries. Ada had been the woman you had loved before you became immortal, it was before Ancient Rome or Greece had even been thought of. You had seen her be killed by her father for loving a woman, how could she be here? That was how you'd found out you were immortal. In the villages attempt to kill you, the sword merely rebounded from your skin before you wreaked havoc through the village in your grief.

"What?" The woman asked.

Her accent was completely different to the mellifluous voice you recalled. Every element of your being pointed to this not being the woman you loved but the resemblance was uncanny.

"My apologies, you reminded me of someone I knew a long time ago," you said softly.

"Sara," the man from the bar smiled at the blond woman before you.

"You're with them?" You questioned to the woman who reminded you of Ada.

She nodded her head.

You let out a sigh. Even though this was not the woman you loved, you couldn't bear not getting to know her. She looked so much the same as her.

"Then I guess I have now joined your team."


Written by Charlotte.

Tumblr Request.

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