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First of all, Congratulations and Thank You for participating and being so supportive.

Those who could not win the genre, don't worry we have other prizes too, so behold as the special titles ate yet to announce.

Please, I know it hurts not to win but the solution is not to spread the hate but to accept the defeat and work on your mistakes so next time is your time to shine.




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So, the winners are...

F I R S T   P L A C E

We've got two first place winners...


Heart Broken

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Heart Broken

Title: 4
Cover: 4
Summary: 5
Grammar and punctuation: 15
Page Arrangements: 10
Plot: 20
Main Character development: 10
Side Character development: 10
Originality: 10
Interest: 10

Total: 98

Review: Well, I don't know how to start my review. As it has the best combination of wolf and wings, and amazing descriptions of situations.
Yeah, I had my eyes on the story because of these two things which are absolutely perfect and unique.
I think, if you can write such an amazing book then you can even a more interesting cover and a suitable title.
Yes, I'm sorry, apart from cover and title, the book is perfect.



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