xiii. dreizehn

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THEA OPENED HER EYES TO BE MET WITH THE SIGHT OF WHITE WALLS. Memories of what had happened before she got stabbed in the neck by Janson flooded in. Sadness grew inside of her as her heart started to ache. Newt was dead. Realisation dawned upon her again. The feeling of heart being torn into pieces washed over her again. A fewer of the memories she obtained filled her thoughts.

She tried to sit up but was forced down by restrainements. Thea looked around the room and spotted Teresa who sat by Thomas. She took his blood carefully as he also slowly regained consciousness.

"Do you know what this place is, Thomas?" asked Janson from in front of the window. He spoke in a quiet voice resulting in Thea not understanding him. Her ears were still partially blocked as she had a peeping sound in her ears.

"How much longer?" quizzed Janson as he walked from his spot near the window to Thomas and Teresa. Teresa seemed to be working on something as Thea could hear the quiet noise of glasses clashing together.

"It's almost done." responded Teresa with confidence in her voice.

"Why don't you just kill me?" wondered Thomas as he fought against the restrains.

"Kill you? We don't wanna do that. We're gonna take special care of you. Both of you. Maybe more of one than the other. We'll keep you alive. Just in return, you Thomas will give life to the rest of us. Of course there is not gonna be enough for everyone. Hard choices are gonna have to be made. In time the flare virus will burn us all down but the only question is... who will be the ones left standing? Thanks to you. To this. We finally get to choose. A future, of our own making."

Janson pulled up his sleeve to reveal purple and blue veins which looked like a spider web, it was clear that he had been infected. Just as he wanted to inject the liquid - presumably cure - into himself. Teresa hit him over the head with a glass. The infected man dropped to the floor immediately after he made contact with the glass.

"Okay. Let's get out of here." spoke Teresa as she picked up the gadget in which the cure was held in before she started to untie Thomas. She struggled to get it open but almost managed it in the end. Behind her stood Janson upright again as he grabbed her by the neck and hair and pulled her backwards. He threw her over one of the tables with much force.

Teresa crawled away from Janson who tried to grab the cure, he slammed her head against a table. Thea saw how her body dropped to the floor just as Thomas exclaimed, "Teresa!" He had found the time to not only untie himself but also Thea. Thomas immediately stormed towards Janson and slammed him down through the glass.

Thea sprinted over to Teresa and looked for any pulse at all, luckily she found some. Teresa's eyes opened again and Thea helped her up from the floor. They looked into the hallway to see Thomas who was still fighting Janson more or less. The older man had his gun pointed at Thomas and was ready to shoot.

Thea sprinted forwards but was thrown back by an explosion which shook the whole floor on which they were. The blond girl got thrown onto her back right into glass shards which also injured her arms and legs. More explosions shook the building as the three of them were on their feet again and on their way away from Janson.

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