A Night of Our Own

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Salvatore stirred when he heard cries. He looked at Aryan who has barely slept and pulled the comforter over him and left. He got to the nursery and took Saavan in his arms. Other were awake too but not crying.

"Are you glad now that all your brothers are also awake," asked Salvatore.

Saavan blinked up at him.

"I know you are. You little shit. Well, don't tell your Appa I called you that, but you know you should ease up on him. He looks so tired," said Salvatore, fondly.

Saavan was waving his tiny fists.

"Yeah, troublemaker, I can see myself running behind you across the globe getting to back on track," said Salvatore rocking him gently.

He looked at the other four who were looking at them and sighed. He got them all out and laid them in the bigger cradle. He sat awake as he rocked them all to sleep and knew he wouldn't be sleeping that night. They never did that due to fear of the children suffocating another when they shifted.


Aryan stirred and felt his side empty and opened his eyes. Salvatore was not there. He went into the nursery to see Salvatore awake and rocking all five of them as he sat there. Aryan smiled and went and sat near Salvatore who looked at him.

"Sleep, I will see to them," he said.

"Hmm," mumbled Aryan but sleepily curled himself around Salvatore who smiled into Aryan's hair and held him close.

Salvatore absolutely loved this. This here is what made him powerful and humble at the same time. He was wanted and needed here and these six beings loved him unconditionally.

Salvatore was the happiest man on earth.


Caroline, Jack, Valentino and Muret, took charge of the kids for a day and send them off for a well deserved day out.
Their kids were six months old now and both were very hesitant to leave them behind.

Salvatore looked at Aryan who sighed.

"I think we are both worried," scowled Aryan.

"Hmm," nodded Salvatore.

Aryan sighed.

"But we do need and deserve some time together," said Aryan.

Salvatore and Aryan reached the place they were going to stay.

"I am going to get us something for lunch," said Aryan and went into the kitchen only to see lunch ready.

"Enjoy" it read. Caroline has thought about everything it seemed. They had lunch together and then lounged in the hall watching a movie and talking.

In the evening they went swimming and once they got back, Aryan made coffee and tea for himself and Salvatore and they sat down with cookies and beverages.

They sat silently.

Salvatore couldn't hold back for longer and he pounced. Aryan moaned as his husband took charge. Salvatore smiled into the kiss.

Then Aryan slid down right in the hall and took Salvatore's cock in his mouth. Once the man was close, he looked up at Salvatore and smirked.

He took Aryan in his arms as they went for the bedroom. Salvatore smirked as he laid Aryan down. They made love.


Salvatore looked at Aryan who was looking at him as they laid there in post-coital bliss. Aryan was nipping on Salvatore's skin.

"I was a bloody child. I was glaring at the flowers in my garden when they kidnapped me," said Salvatore.

Aryan looked at him. Salvatore was gripping his hand tightly and Aryan placed his hand on Salvatore's chest.

Salvatore winked at him as he pulled Aryan up on top of him, holding him firm by his hip.

"I was very mouthy. Made fun of them, abused them and well when they finally took me to the place, I- I never thought they would do all that to me. I was abused beyond recognition. I thought I would die in there. I did not know what sex was. It was horrible. If not for your dads I would have been in some mental asylum now. The hired hands, there were five of them. I killed them all you know, every single one of them. I killed them inch by inch though I never did what they did to me," said Salvatore.

"I had always thought sex was painful. So I have never really experimented much. Slowly I knew I am dominant. It gave me a rush and satiated me. But sex actually meant a lot more to me only when, only when we got together," said Salvatore. It took every ounce of courage in him to say that. He felt better. He felt more at peace with his past. He knew he can trust Aryan with anything in his life, even his deepest fears. He was exposing his own vulnerability to Aryan and that took everything in him to do so.


"Can you try and make it less painful for me," asked Salvatore. They were having dinner and now as they walked off to wash, Salvatore couldn't hold in the question anymore.

Aryan looked at him and took Salvatore's hand and linked them as they walked into the bedroom. Once they were inside, Aryan kissed Salvatore.

"Trust me and give in," said Aryan and as they kissed, Aryan undressed his husband. He wanted Salvatore to have the most painless experience ever. He felt honoured that his husband trusted him this much.

Aryan kissed every inch of his skin and it took everything in Salvatore to not turn him around and have his way. He wanted to feel this, know this.

Salvatore hissed when Aryan started his ministrations with his nipples. Salvatore groaned when Aryan licked all the way down to his groin as he undid Salvatore's pants. Aryan smiled as he started sucking his husband and then slowly lubed up his hand and reached for Salvatore's hole. Salvatore hissed. He looked a bit unsettled as he felt the fingers in.

"Are you okay?" asked Aryan.

Salvatore nodded.

"Go on," said Salvatore.

Aryan loosened up Salvatore's hole and slowly looked at Salvatore.

"We are almost there. Are you ready? You know even if it doesn't happen today, we will keep trying," said Aryan.

Salvatore nodded.

Aryan lined up his cock and kissed Salvatore in earnest.

The moment he felt the intrusion, Salvatore panicked. Having Aryan on top was not helping. Memories were flying in. His erection started to flag and Aryan moved away.

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