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THEA RAN LIKE SHE NEVER DID BEFORE. She completely blurred out her surroundings as her legs moved by themselves. They ached so much but she payed no attention to them. She just continued to run. The thought of getting there in the right time was the only thought in her hand at this point.

Her hand was aching as much as her legs but she ignored it. All she could think of was saving the boy she loved. She thought about how she would never see his smile again or hear his laugh. She would never get to cuddle him again. Thea was blinded by everything as she recklessly ran through the battlefield without a care in the world.

She saw the lights of the aircraft in the distance. She picked up her pace and ran as fast as ever. Gally and Minho yelled for her but she didn't listen. Thea ran right into the crowd of shooting people. Bullets flew past her left and right, almost hitting her in the process. The aircrafts' platform opened up revealing two figures coming out of it.

A big explosion erupted besides Thea almost knocking her off of her feet but she kept running. Her feet carried her the rest of the way until she could recognize one of the figures, Brenda. Besides her stood Jorge and behind them was Frypan. Their outlines were lightened up by the fire and explosions. They spotted Thea how she came towards them in the distance.

She somehow outran Minho and Gally who got stuck in the battlefield through which she ran without a care. Thea could hear Teresa's voice in the distanc, how she spoke through the income. "Thomas? Can you hear me?" I need you to listen to me.-"

Thea was knocked into consciousness by Teresa's voice as she listened closely. "-You have no reason to trust me, but I need you to come back. Thomas, you can save Newt.-" At the mention of the possibility of saving Newt Thea's heart started to ache again. "-There is still time for him. There is a reason Brenda isn't sick anymore. It's your blood. Do you understand? She isn't sick anymore because... because you cured her. She doesn't have to be the only one. All you have to do it come back and all of this will finally be over. Please, just come back to me. I know you-"

Teresa's speech got interrupted by the power system failing. Thea got stuck in her bubble again as she arrived at Brenda and Jorge. "Brenda!" she yelled out alerting the girl. Brenda came towards her with worry on her face. "The serum? Where is it?" hollered Thea with a distressed voice. Brenda started to run into the direction from which they came.

Thea immediately followed the girl as she made her way back. She knew that the time was slowly ticking for them, every second matter now. It was for Newt. All of it. For him. She ran through the battlefield again. A big explosion knocked her off of her feet as she flew back against the concrete. Brenda kept moving forwards into the direction of where they came from. Frypan came to Thea's rescue as he helped her up.

She sprinted behind Brenda again, not caring for anything. Her feet stung horribly as she moved fowards. Brenda and Thea ran besides each other both had worry displayed on their faces. Explosion after explosion erupted beside them as they continued to run. The air was knocked out of Thea's lungs at this point.

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