Lucy and Natsu

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Lucy slammed the doors opened making everyone in fairy tail stop what the were doing and turn to look at her Natsu and Happy were at the bar talking to Mira, they turned to see an out of breath Lucy. Lucy looked up and ran to Natsu grabbing his hand excitement written all over her face she couldn't wait to tell Natsu "Natsu I meet Igneel!" Natsu eyes grew with shock but was quickly erased by joy Everyone stared at Lucy shocked by what they just heard. Natsu jumped from the stool grabbing Lucy's shoulders "Where?!"

Lucy gave him a sad, forgive me look. Taking his hand in hers "Sorry Natsu I can't tell you, I promised. You see he wants you to find him but he wants it to be a challenge and if I tell you It'd make it easier for you to find him."

Sadness swollowed Natsu which made Lucy's heart ack but just as fast as the sadness appeared it went away. Natsu lite his fists on fire a smile on his face

"If thats how he wants to play then that's how ill play!" The guild Roared in cheer and joy for Natsu. Natsu hugged Happy

"Can't breath Natsu." his eyes popping out of his head "oh sorry buddy." Natsu smiled he looked at Lucy who stude behind the crowed of the fairy tail mates surroundings Natsu he looked back at happy and whispered something in his ear. Master Makarov jumped up on the bar counter and rose his beer glass "To night we celebrate!" Everyone cheered.

Something grabbed Lucy's arm and she looked up to see Natsu. Natsu smiled and nodded towards the door "come on."
So Lucy and Natsu escaped from the party. Still holding Lucy arm Natsu led her threw the forest the sun just starting to set. Natsu stopped in the middle of the woods and turned to look at Lucy "close your eyes." he said

"What? why?"

"Just do it." Lucy did what he asked

"All right now just keep them closed." Lucy nodded and all of a sudden the ground beneath her disappeared and she was being held by two strong arms bridle style "Natsu?" Lucy said her vocie filled with confusing

"I dont trust me self leading you threw the forest with your eyes closed you might run into a tree or trip or something... tho that would be hilarious." Natsu said laughing Lucy hit what felt like his chest.

"Hold on." natsu exclaimed as he took of running threw the woods a minute later Lucys feet were on the ground again.

"All right open them." lucy opened her eyes to see a opened green meadow with a perfect View of the pike purple sunset Lucy gasped in awe "it beautiful!" Lucy exclaimed she looked at natsu and smiled "how'd you find this place?"
Natsu blushed slightly scratching the side of his face "Well I remember you saying something about how you like watching the sunrise and sunset so when me and happy walked this was this morning I new you'd what to see it."

Lucy smiled at him "Thank you Natsu." Lucy took off running she called back to natsu

"Race you to the middle!" Natsu took off running after her

"No fair you got a head start!" but he caught up to her in a flash and beat her to the middle. Lucy stopped next to him breathing heavily she looked at him "Ok you win. What do you want as a prize." Natsu smiled

"Tell me everything you and Igneel talked about and what you think of him."

Lucy nodded "He's amazing Natsu!" Lucy sat on the ground and padded the spot next to her. "sit and ill tell you everything." Natsu sat down next to her.

Lucy told him Everything including the part were she realized she loved him, she was so into the story she didn't notice she did. when she was done Natsu was blushing with a childish smile on his face. Lucy looked at him confused "Why are you looking at me like that?"
Natsu put his hand on Lucy's shoulders  bringing her towards him. His lips meetings hers, Lucy tensed up in shock then relaxed and kissed him back. There kiss was sweet, passionate, and strong. Natsu pulled away slowly and looked at Lucy with a childish grin on his face
"I love you too Lucy!" Lucy smiled. there was a loud cheer behind them. Lucy turned to see the hole guild cheering.
"Finally you two get together!"Erza yelled. laughing Natsu and Lucy stood up and walked towards there running and screaming friends hand in hand. Lucy looked up at Natsu and smiled
Mom, if your there I found the one.

Natsu smiled back at Lucy
Igneel I know your watching, and I thank you. I've found her.
The End

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