But... He's My Twin! (BxB Twincest)

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[A.N. Thank you to Natalie for the editing. Thank you to you guys for sticking with this series. No further wait, the rewrite of B...HMT! Hope you enjoy.]

I sat down at my usual lunch table. My best friend, Linkoln Spratt, sat across from me.
We've known each other for as long as we can remember.

Link's family life isn't the best so he stays at my house a lot. We're basically family, that's why we call each other brothers.

He was happily rambling about some party that was tonight. I nodded, picking up my sandwich and taking a bite out of it.

"Seriously, Max! I think we should go to it! It'll be really lame without you." Linkoln exclaimed, throwing his hands around animatedly. "Pleeeeeeeease!" He gave me puppy dog eyes. I set my sandwich down, glaring at him. "Please." Link whimpered for effect.

Ugh! Damn him. "Maybe," I half-agreed in defeat. The truth being I didn't really want to go to any parties. After Jaden, I HATED going to parties! It fucked all of us up, honestly. We were still raw to the whole thing, seeing as how everything went down a few months ago, but that's a story for another time.

"YES! Thanks Maxwelly!" Linkoln yelled, grabbing some attention from the nearby lunch tables.

I cringed from his loudness and the nickname. "Don't call me that, Linkoln." I grumbled, reaching for my sandwich again.

Link pouted. "I won't call you any version of 'Maxwell' if you don't call me 'Linkoln'."

"Deal." I agreed.

I knew the deal wouldn't last. I had been friends with Link since first grade. The two of us made that same deal several thousand times but it never lasted long.

Linkoln started talking about some girl he saw in the hall today. I listened like it was the most interesting topic ever, even though I didn't care.

Someone plopped down next to me. I looked over and saw my twin, Mason. He looked good, as always. Yes, we're identical, but Mason's face looks slightly different than mine due to old scars and such. They gave him character. He was honestly pretty attractive. Is that weird for me to say? Aw man, whatever. Or as Mason would say, ''tever.' I find it really annoying he says that but what can you do about it, right?

"Hey Mason!" Link screamed.

Again, a few nearby tables shot us looks. "Fuck off," Mason told them. A few-knowing my twin was a pretty popular jock at the school-looked away. He turned back to us. "Hey, what's up?"

I opened my mouth to answer but the lovely Link cut me off. "WE WERE TALKING ABOUT HOW TO PICK UP PRETTY CHICKS!" He screamed. I smacked a palm to my forehead.

Mason sat there for a moment, aware that everyone was staring at us again. He cleared his throat and nodded. "Good luck with that. I don't see how anyone could tolerate you." Mason told Linkoln with a laugh.

Link pouted. "Fuck you! Both of you love me!" I looked at Mason and he looked right back at me. We nodded in agreement and looked back at Linkoln, shaking our heads, no. "You guys don't love me? WHY!?"

I chuckled. "Shush, or those tables might just jump you." I said, glancing at the annoyed people by us.

He shrugged. "Pssssh, let them try! Mason will kick their asses for me! Right Mason?" Link batted his eyes at my twin.

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