Celena Cursovie

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Salvatore was not really in the mindset to meet with the Cursovie's or the Alpino gang. He just wanted to be home with his family. It was already late. Celena, as can be expected, was trying to fall all over him that in the end, in front of all the 24 gangs Salvatore pushed her to the ground and said "That's the last time you are touching me without my permission and with permission, you don't stand a chance ever. Stop pawing me you whore," said Salvatore humiliating her and turning.

"This is all because of that bitch of a husband you have, isn't it? Wow, how weak you have grown Salvatore El Manzoni. I promise you I won't let you have that happiness when you have always demeaned me and acted as if I am beneath your standards," sneered Celena.

"You are alive because of Aryan.H e didn't want me to go kill every bitch that barks on the roadside," said Salvatore and walked out.

"I will take what is yours, " she screeched.


Aryan smiled as he watched Salvatore walk with a stroller. They were out to get baby stuff. Caroline and Jack and Valentino and Muret were with them.

Saavan ever the cuddle baby was in Caroline's arms. Aryan had his arm around Salvatore's ankle with only a baby bag in his hand.

They went into the mall. The grandparents, uncle and aunt waited with the kids in the cafeteria while Salvatore and Aryan went on to buy stuff.

They could have home ordered but Aryan a day out with the whole family. He was surprised when Salvatore agreed.

After the shopping, they all had good from the cafe and Aryan realised Salvatore has bought the building and groaned and looked at Salvatore who looked at him.

"You bought this?," asked Aryan.

"Yes, I had to make the security foolproof," said Salvatore.

Aryan knew he was going to have prematurely grey hair from the way the protective streak of Salvatore shows up. Their kids were going to be extremely spoilt.

He can already see the brats getting away with everything with their father. Well, he will have to be the bad cop then. He sighed and leaned on to the man's shoulder.

"I don't know how many hearts your sons will break and how you are going to defend them all the way," said Aryan.

Salvatore smiled.

"They will never break hearts if the other party is not a total waste of space," said Salvatore.

Aryan groaned and looked at others with an expression of 'see what I said'.

Salvatore smiled as he saw Aryan's expression and placed his arm around Aryan's hips.

"Whatever you say goes," said Salvatore.

Aryan looked at him.

"I trust you to not spoil them too much," said Aryan.


Next day, all of them were in the Castle grounds. Aryan was tickling his babies and Salvatore was having a meeting with his inner circle. They were looking the other way.

Sacha started crying and Aryan groaned. He got upset when Salvatore was not around.

Aryan got up with Sacha in his arms and went over to Salvatore who turned.

All fell silent and were looking on curiously.

Salvatore took his son in his arms knowing he won't calm down unless he saw him.

It was unreal for many who only see a cold-blooded criminal when they looked at him.

Salvatore dropped a kiss on Sacha's hair and then handed him over to Aryan who smiled. They turned when screams were heard and saw Celena stand there with Rayan in her hand.

"Aw, such cute kids you have. They should have been mine, well atleast a concubine's that I would have got for him. But well, he is not interested. Now I might just keep this kid for myself or maybe throw him down a ditch. Or Aryan would you like to see his blood?" she sneered.

" I might even give him back if you exchange your husband for your son," said Celena gleefully. She looked insane.

Then Rayan pooped and she almost dropped him. Salvatore reached her and grabbed Rayan and gave him to Aryan and turned and shot her without mercy ensuring that the kids were away by then.

"You utter cunt, I warned you and did not kill you because Aryan insisted on not shedding your stupid blood. This is your end," said Salvatore and he shot her again. However, the woman was apparently wearing bulletproof clothes and only one of the bullets stuck. But before she could shoot with her own gun, Caroline shot her on her forehead.

Salvatore shielded And the kids holding them away. Once they got inside and settled the kids back, Salvatore saw Aryan was depressed. He was crying.

"Hey, what happened. We are all safe," said Salvatore.

"I am a bad father Salvatore. She took him from right under my nose. I am such a bad parent. I am unfit to be a parent," said Aryan in tears.

Salvatore smiled and placed his arm around Aryan and hugged him close to his chest.

"I was also there and she sneaked in with a rat's help. It is the guy's - Alman's fault. Don't worry. It happens. And who is the better parent? Me? Look at me? Mafia Boss? You carried them all these months, you gave birth to them risking your life. I could kill the doctors for advising that, but hey you did survive and we are here with our two-month-old sons because of you, because you are capable. You are the smart one among us. You are what holds us together and you are the best parent they can ever have," said Salvatore.

Aryan cried more. His moods had been all over after the delivery too and now it was calming down. He let Salvatore pacify him.

Aryan smiled as Salvatore pecked on his forehead.

"Do you believe me and what I said?" asked Salvatore.

"Yes, I do," smiled Aryan and kissed Salvatore on his forehead.

"You are not so bad yourself," said Aryan.

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