the one with the yelling

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The phone rang inside the large apartment.

Yoongi picked it up before anyone else could.


"Hi Yoongi! It's me!"

"Come up." He said and a buzz ended the call.

You tugged open the heavy glass door in front of you and entered the fancy lobby.

You had been to the apartment twice before so you could get up and in by yourself. You got in the elevator and soon enough it stopped at the right floor.

The elevator opened straight into the lounge. You loved their apartment, it was like everybody's dream.

A bleached-blonde-headed man appeared at the doorway at the other side of the room.

"Min Yoongi!" You exclaimed happily. You put the box down on the nearest couch as he walked towards you.

"Hi Kim Y/N.." He said almost sarcastically. You threw your arms around him as soon as your hands were free. He embraced you back, but not too much, he knew that Namjoon didn't like you around the other members.

"How are you? How was the tour?" You questioned him. You were very excited, and you think he could tell by now.

"Great, great. I'll go find Namjoon for you. So wait here." He said stepping away and disappearing out of the room.

You slumped down on the couch and prepared yourself to surprise Namjoon.

That's when you heard yelling, specifically Yoongi's "NAMJOON!" in the distance of another part of the apartment. But that soon seemed even further away when you heard more yelling.

"PARK. JIMIN." echoed through the apartment along with quick footsteps, in fact, running footsteps.

And they were getting closer. That's when a blonde headed man appeared and ran to the other side of the couch close to you.

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