Chapter 20: part 1

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Emerald forest POV

It's nighttime as they went in the emerald forest. Jaune and his friends & comrades went to find covenant camp somewhere within the forest. They also need to keep an eyes on the grimms that pops out of nowhere. Team SSSN & TEAM CFVY came to join since they got a call from their friends to find and take down the covenant. Neptune feel his legs tired as he can't take walking anymore.

Neptune:" Man... How long 'till we find them?

Nora:" Why? Are you tired?"

Neptune:" Well..."

Goryar:" He's tired. I know it."

Neptune:" Hey! I'm not!"

Goryar:" Sure. Your human legs are too lazy to walk while my legs are short but can run fast without a sweat.

Sakor:" Quiet! We must not wake up the grimms in this night. And as for you,
Neptune, you sound like a grunt to do a lazy works without your ability to fight."

All:" Ohhhhhh! Snap!"

Neptune:" *groan* Just get going so we can stop those covenant."

As they keep walking, they look around to see any grimms that aren't sleep and waiting them to strike. Then suddenly, Jaune saw something as he said to his others.

Jaune:" Guys, get down!"

They did as he told. They hiding in the bushes to see 3 jackals are patrolling the forest. Jaune give a signal to Hellwolf and Arkkor as they went to kill them. A jackal is looking around in area when someone grab his mouth and cut his throat out, the other jackal is not looking when he was impaled by an energy sword and lastly, a jackal check the others when he saw them dead laying on the ground. He was about to warn them when he was shot by Hellwolf from hiding. He give a hand signal to them as they went to them. Ruby and her friends are horrified to see dead jackals when they shot them without mercy.

Ruby:" We should knock them out and sent them to prison instead of killing them."

Hellwolf:" Look, I know you and you guys don't kill people in cold blood but we have to take out the enemy for the safety of the people."

Blake:" I... I understand that."

He nodded it as she agreed his terms. He look at dead jackals to observe them.

Jaune:" Hmm..."

Pyrrha:" Something wrong?"

Jaune:" Nothing. I'm just figure that these guys are just a scouts."

Sakor:" Then they should be... That way, to the north."

He pointed to the north as they went there through it. As they get to the emerald forest they see a cliff up ahead.

Pyrrha:" Wait, this is where we start our initiation."

Hellwolf:" What do you- Oh! You mean the one you guys get a relic from the temple to earn your team titles."

Ruby:" Yeah. That's where we met each other."

Yang:" Believe me or not, she took out a nevermore from the temple."

Hellwolf:" Impressive."

Ruby:" Thanks."

Goryar look at it to see something that they never recognize before. He turned to them and said.

Goryar:" Um, guys. Do you recognize it now."

They confused of why he say that so they went to the cliff to see a large camp filled with covenant forces. They are shocked that they create a large camp that can fit the whole army. Velvet is behind Coco to remember what happen back at Vytal festival. She calmed her down as they look at the camp.

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