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A really soft smut so be prepared. It's not hard I promise.

Nines chuckles as he heads towards Gavin, who is trying his best to cook. "ARGH! YOU FUCKING WORTHLESS SHIT YOU BURNED IT!" Gavin shouts. He grumbles loudly as the stove bursts steam. Nines silently applauds as Gavin turns around stunned. "You burned your food once again detective!" Nines jokes, Gavin gives him a death stare. Nines suddenly wraps his arms around Gavin as he blushes furiously. "Who needs that when I have a whole meal right in front of me?.." Nines exclaims. Gavin turns to the wall as he takes off his chef hat. "Gavin, are you ok?". Blood drips lightly to the ground. "UM, ITS JUST A SLIGHT NOSEBLEED NOTHING NEW" he shouts. "Let's clean that up then".

After a few hours of Gavin shouting and Nines taking care of him, Gavin gets tired and dozed off to bed. He glares at Nines as he unbuttons his black shirt and takes off his white uniform. He crawls into bed with Gavin as he gets on top of him. Holding his wrists down, he glares at Gavin. "Detective Gavin, look at me". Gavin looks down. Nines holds Gavins chin lightly with his fingertips as he plants a kiss on him. Gavin blushes furiously as Nines moves down to his collar bone, leaving red hickeys everywhere. "F-fuck Nines..." Gavin whispers. "What was that detective?..." Nines murmurs jokingly. "S-shut up dipshit". Pulling down his jeans and underwear, Nines goes underneath the sheets as Gavin stares down. Gavin moans loudly as Nines looks back up. "Gavin, Baby. I need you to be more quiet". Gavin nods lightly as Nines continues to lick up and down his shaft, sending shivers down Gavin's spine. The moon shines bright as the stars cover the sky, and the light bedsheets move around. Nines gets back on top of Gavin, slowly pushing in. Gavin tips his head over and moans as Nines runs his fingers through Gavin's hair. "Your so fucking adorable Gavin reed". "A-ah Nines. I-I love you..." Gavin whispers. Nines continues to push as he smirks at Gavin who's words are dripping right off his tongue. "I love you too, Gavin".

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