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I just got off the plane and see a lovely couple standing at the entrance to the airport. They seem nice but I was hoping they had children my age. I have tried many times in 2 years to come to America and be an exchange student, but none of the hostesses wanted me because I'm GAY! (DUN DUN DUUUUUN LOL SORRY).

Until this family didn't mind and took me in, so I'm very thankful they didn't care because I want to be a professional dancer. Ahhh I now see why they didn't care, they're also gay! I don't see why my sexuality was a problem in the first place.

We get in the car and the Kims started introducing themselves and asking me some questions.

"Hello! My name is Kim Yoongi , but you can call me Yoongs. This is my husband Kim Namjoon, but you can just call him Joon." Jin exclaimed.

"Hello, my name is Park Jimin, I am 17 years old. I've come from Korea to America because I want to be a professional dancer and the schools here are better than the ones in Korea." I stated.

"How lovely, we have a 15 and a 16 year old at home!" Namjoon added

I thought they didn't have any children, I STAND CORRECTED! Guess I was wrong, can't wait to meet my new best friends!

This is a new story I thought of! ITS JIKOOK! So yeah andddddd listen to firetruck by NCT 127 bc why not? Thank youuuuu!

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