Chapter Thirty Six

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Luka slept through Knox, Brodie and Dale waking up from their AM nap and wanting food, Nappy changes and play time.
I kept checking the door, wondering when Blayze would walk in, but reminding myself that He probably wouldn't return until the evening.
He was a hard working Country Boy, so although the heat might be annoying Him, He wouldn't cease all work because of it.
But I knew He wouldn't be schooling Horses right now.
He'd have done that way early this morning, or might do more tonight.
Unfortunately, I couldn't remember much more than a blurry version of his departure this morning.
I guess He'd been aware temperatures were going to soar, so He'd gotten an exceptionally early start.
I wasn't too sure if I dreamt Him kissing Me, or if it was actually reality.
The front door opened and Codie's Dog's and Zuke all scrambled to their feet.
Luka sat up from his place sprawled out on the couch and rubbed at his sleep filled blue eyes.
A blast of hot air rushed into the house when something large and blue made its way into the house before Codie followed after it, looking hot and irritated.
He pushed the door shut against the heat and a relieved sigh rushed past his lips when He clearly felt the change in the temperature that surrounded Him.
"Want a drink, Babe?"
Noah asked, pushing herself off the couch.
Codie agreed, sounding exhausted.
"There's like three packet's of Zooper Dooper's in the freezer, too."
I informed Him, pulling my gaze from Brodie and Knox who were practicing their rolling over skills.
"Why do you have an extra large shell?"
Noah asked, pouring what looked like cordial into a glass she'd already filled with ice.
"Oh jee, I dunno..."
Codie replied, voice dripping with sarcasm as He set the blue plastic shell down near the dining table.
"No need to be an arse!"
Noah snapped, stomping out of the kitchen with a large glass full of cordial and ice in one hand, plus a red Zooper Dooper in her other, making her way towards her Fiancé.
"Well maybe you two don't realise what the temperature is outside, but I'm pretty sure Luka and the Dog's are gonna wanna cool off."
Codie replied, taking the drink Noah offered him.
"Thank you."
He added, before lifting the rim of the glass to his lips and sculling down half the glass within one gulp.
I decided against reminding him that up at the main house we do have a pool.
His thoughtfulness was heartwarming.
"Have this too."
Noah urged, pushing the Zooper Dooper at him.
"I need a shower."
Codie grumbled, but accepted the ice block.
Noah gave his shoulder a light push.
"Too bad that shell is too small for You!"
She teased.
Codie scowled at her.
"There's a pool up at the main house, remember?"
I piped up, reaching forward to help a worn out Knox onto his back.
Noah's eyes lit up.
"There you go! You should go for a swim!"
She urged.
Codie chomped into his Zooper Dooper, more than a third of the ice block disappearing with the one bite.
"I'll wait for Blayze."
He declared.
I turned Brodie back over onto his back, the little man clearly tired, instead of warning Codie that Blayze still might be out for hours yet.
I hoped He would return to the cool of the house soon, but nearly twenty years of living in the sticks gave Me the knowledge that scorching days only meant that Grandma handed out Powerade's and bottles of water that were frozen.

Knox, Brodie and Dale were just down for their afternoon nap and Luka was eating a slightly late Lunch when the front door swung open to reveal a panting pair of familiar Canine's and Blayze using his forearm to wipe at his forehead which was shiny with sweat.
Blayze used a foot to close the door and turned around to hang his white Rough Rider onto the hat and coat rack which was nailed up next to the door.
Luka crowed, forgetting all about the chicken and salad that was spread across the tray of his high chair.
Panting and walking with weary steps, Azlan and Zeus made their way over to the water bowl's that I was making sure to empty and refill with fresh water every few hours.
The Dog's began to lap at the cool water and Blayze crossed over to where Luka's high chair was situated near the dining table and He reached out a hand to ruffle our eldest Son's hair.
"Hey mate."
He greeted the Toddler.
Luka looked down to his tray of food and seemed to choose his next piece carefully before snatching a stick of carrot and holding it up and out, towards Blayze.
He offered, his blue eyes sparkling and his cheeky grin wide.
I couldn't help but grin myself.
Luka just loves to share his food!
I could tell by the weary look that crossed Blayze's face, that for some reason putting food into His mouth was the last thing He wanted to do.
But, like most People, He didn't have the heart to reject Luka Blayze Riley, so He took the small piece of carrot and popped it into his mouth.
"Thanks Mate."
He told Luka.
Grinning, the little Boy turned his focus back to his lunch and picked up a stick of carrot which He bit into.
Thankfully it wasn't hard to get Luka to eat Fruit's, Vegetables and Salads.
"Are you okay?"
I queried, eyeing Blayze as I pushed back from the kitchen bench.
I made my way around the end of the bench and towards my Fiance and our eldest Son.
Blayze pulled his gaze from Luka, to look at Me and lifted his hands to rub them over his face that was shiny with sweat.
"Nothin' that a swim won't fix."
He muttered, letting his hands drop back to his sides.
"You should get on that."
I suggested, backing up a step.
Blayze raised a questioning eyebrow.
"No hug? No kiss?"
He asked.
I eyed his shiny skin and dust smeared jeans and tank top.
I could even see where his shirt was stuck to his body thanks to sweat.
"Not when I can see how sweaty you are!"
I tried not to cringe.
Blayze's blue-green eyes widened in mock horror.
"What happened to 'for better, for worse'?"
He questioned, feigning hurt.
I vigorously shook my head.
"We ain't married yet!"
I denied, taking another step backwards.
Blayze, being Blayze, noticed my game plan.
If I got enough space between us, I could outrun him at least for a little while.
So while I was still taking my second step backwards and planning my third, He took one long stride forward.
"Don't you dare!"
I warned, holding my hands up, palms forward.
"But I want a kiss!"
He declared, closing in on Me.
My only options now, were to dart to my right and trap myself in the Kitchen, to leg it backwards and wind up trapping myself in our bedroom, or to sprint to the left and use the lounge room furniture to my advantage.
I lunged to the left, but Blayze was quick to close the distance between us and wrap his arms around my waist, hauling Me into his solid body.
I shouted, cringing at the heat that seeped into my body thanks to his body.
And the stench that surrounded Me!
He leaned down and placed a kiss on my cheek before releasing Me and taking a step back.
We both snapped our head's towards the high chair at the sound of Luka's ecstatic laughter.
Smiling, I shook my head.
My name wasn't Blayze, obviously, but I turned towards the stairs to see Codie walking down them, Noah trailing behind with a sleeping Knox in her arms.
Blayze returned, stretching his arms over his head.
I held my breath and took a quick step backwards before too much of a whiff of His sweat could penetrate my nostrils.
"Tell Me you're keen to go for a swim!"
Codie all but demanded.
A decade or so ago, Blayze's answer most likely would've been 'no'.
But when I was younger, I'd managed to get him to tolerate swimming.
Even somewhat enjoy it sometimes, especially when it was ridiculously hot outside.
"Let Me get changed and we'll go."
Blayze replied.
Codie nodded.
I realised that in the time Codie, Noah and Knox had disappeared upstairs, Codie had changed from the clothes He'd come home from work in.
He was now wearing a pair of white and electric blue board shorts.
And no top at all, his chest and sleeve tattoo on full display along with his golden tanned skin and toned muscles.
"While you do that, I'll take the shell outside and put some water in it so the Dog's can all have a cool off."
Codie explained.
Blayze asked, raising a questioning eyebrow.
I pointed towards the Dining Room and He turned to see the big blue object.
He turned back towards Codie.
"Don't worry about that. They can just come have a swim in the pool."
Some people had qualms about Dog fur in pool's, but not my family.
None of our Dog's were shy to take a dive into the pool on a stinking hot day!

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