Chapter Thirty Six

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Chapter Thirty Six

Since Sunday we'd coasted through days where the daytime temperatures had averaged anywhere between about 26 - 32 degrees celcius.
Nights didn't go below 20 degrees, but the daytime temps weren't anything we weren't used to.
But as I sucked on the other half to the half a Zooper Dooper I'd given to Luka, I glared at the thermometer that was hung up just a foot away from our front door, under our verandah.
It was 11AM and already the thermometer was reading 41.2 degrees.
It was going to be a stinker!
Drought was bad enough, but when the mercury had to soar over 40 and it was the 31st of March?
Very bad.
Breathing a frustrated and worried sigh, I turned on my heel and opened the front door to let myself back into the house.
Most days we'd been avoiding turning on the air conditioning unit unless the Babies were unsettled by the heat.
Today, it had already been on for the last two hours.
A wave of significantly cooler temperatures washed over Me as I stepped into the darkened house and closed the wooden door against the blistering heat that should've racked off by now considering Summer was technically over.
Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn't look at the calendar and set her days accordingly.
Noah had questioned Me when four hours ago I'd taken a lap around the bottom storey of the house, closing curtains.
Since I was a little girl I'd learned from my family that keeping the blinds drawn kept the inside of the house a little cooler.
Today it wasn't stopping us from needing the aircon on, because we couldn't risk the Babies overheating, but I was confident it was helping to make a difference.
Noah had rushed up the stairs to pull the same tactic on the upstairs rooms considering we only have a few fans on stands up there and no actual air conditioning.
"Do I even want to know?"
Noah asked Me from where she sat sprawled across one end of the long lounge, an ice filled glass of water in her hand and pressed against her cheek.
"Probably not."
I shook my head, making my way to the other end of the couch.
As I sat down, the leather covered cushions hissing under my sudden weight, I realised I had literally one bite of my ice block left, along with a gulp of purple liquid in the bottom of the plastic tube.
"Over thirty five?"
Noah guessed, balancing at the edge of the lounge and stretching her arm out to set her drink onto the coffee table.
Thirty five?
That would be welcoming!
"Well over."
I told her, seeing as apparently She was silly enough to want to know.
A grimace filled her face.
"You asked!"
I retorted, before tipping my head back and gulping down the last of the cooling treat I'd shared with Luka.
On cue, my eldest Baby got up from his place sitting on the floor in front of the TV and ambled his way towards the lounge.
He still had around half of his half serve of ice block left!
Luka was wearing only a nappy today, as were Knox, Brodie and Dale.
Noah was wearing a lightweight dress that had tiny straps over her shoulders and literally didn't even reach half way down her thighs.
I was considering trying to find something cooler to wear than my threadbare light blue Bullzye tank top and pair of light blue board shorts I'd had for so many years now that I'd lost track of just how old they were.
"You okay, Baby?"
I asked Blayze and I's eldest Son.
Luka clutched his ice block packaging with his left hand and tried to climb up onto the lounge to join Me.
I grimaced at the idea of our body heat mingling, but couldn't deny my Son his request, so leaned over to help him up.
He settled in beside Me, blinking his heavy lidded eyes.
I frowned down at his adorable little face.
It wasn't even 12 yet.
Luka hasn't had anything besides breakfast and a light snack.
Why did He seem sleepy?
On instinct, I placed the back of my hand gently against his tanned little forehead.
He didn't seem like He had a temperature.
"Tired buddy?"
I asked.
In answer, He snuggled more into my side, his blue eyes nearly fully covered by his heavy lids.
The hot weather didn't normally upset Luka too much (though Dale and Knox weren't seeming to enjoy the extra warm days very much).
But Luka did fall asleep half way through his dinner last night, resulting in him crashing out by 7PM.
He didn't wake up until almost 9:00 this morning.
He'd wolfed down double his usual breakfast serving and had a fruit platter this morning since He'd been awake, so my worries had eased, assuming He was making up for what He missed at Dinner.
But why did He want to sleep now, when He'd had well over twelve hours rest last night and he'd only been up for three hours?
I turned my gaze to Noah.
"Want Me to get the thermometer?"
She offered, pushing herself up into a sitting position rather than a lounging one.
I agreed, nodding my head and gently running my fingers through the soft, black strands of Luka's hair.
Noah climbed off the couch and walked around the end of it, heading to the kitchen.
I looked down to Luka, who now had his eyes closed, his bottom lip jutted out slightly and had a slack grip on his ice block wrapper.
He was asleep.
Noah walked up to us, Baby thermometer in hand.
"Can you grab his ice block please?"
I asked her, accepting the thermometer She handed Me.
She nodded and easily slipped the plastic out of Luka's unsuspecting and unprotesting hand.
I turned the thermometer on and placed the gadget against Luka's forehead, then slowly ran it across the expanse of his skin.
The little gadget beeped to inform Me it had a reading.
I turned the hand held device over and checked the screen.
So his temperature was fine.
"All good?"
Noah asked.
I shot her a quick smile and nodded.
"Thirty six point two."
I explained.
An expression of relief washed over Noah's face.
Mentally I facepalmed.
"I'm an idiot."
I declared, shaking my head.
Noah raised a questioning eyebrow at Me, my eldest Son's forgotten ice block still hanging from her hand.
"Like Blayze, He doesn't really get sick."
I explained.
It was yet another way that He definitely took after his Daddy.
"But He sleeps a lot when He's growing."
A grin lit up Noah's face.
"Well let's hope that's what it is!"
My fingers and toes were all certainly crossed.
Noah held her hand out for the thermometer and I gave it back to her.
We should definitely put it back where we know we'll be able to find it again!
Noah turned on her heel and took both the thermometer and Luka's forgotten ice block to the kitchen.
I turned my gaze down to my eldest Baby and smiled at his adorable little sleeping face.
I wasn't sure if Babies of sixteen months old were meant to have growth spurts.
But even in Utero Luka had measured above average and He'd continued to do so since birth, so I guess there weren't exactly any rules.
"You're just gonna be taller than Mummy before you even finish Primary School, aren't ya Buddy?"
I mused, gently stroking Luka's hair.
"True that!"
Noah agreed, coming back to join us on the lounge.
"Kid's already well above our knee's!"
I couldn't help but laugh!

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