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dreame is basically the same thing as FicFun, which i have used before, but it is for female writers.

i am putting four of my stories on there, this one included. i've explained multiple times why i have been doing it. even if i weren't putting them on dreame i would be taking them down completely without another option to read them.

i am not proud of these stories and i don't want to be known as the author that writes twin stories anymore. i'm branching away from that to create a different image for myself.

i hope everyone understands :)

all four stories are already on Dreame, there will be an update everyday.

i won't be reading comments on here about dreame because it only makes me feel bad about myself. i'll answer all the questions i'm sure you have and if you do have another please message my directly or write to my message board.

no, there's no possible way i'll be keeping them on here. i'm sorry :(

no, i won't be changing my mind. sorry again :(

no, no matter how times you ask me to keep them on here i won't.

yes, they do require you to get the dreame app or go on safari to read the stories.

there will be an update everyday. it is set to automatically release a chapter when a new day begins. 

my other stories i put on ficfun didn't require you to pay at first but then the person handling everything with me changed that option where you did have to pay for it.

so, i'm not sure if you have to pay for them. i'll message them and ask about it.

if it was up to me i'd make it free but it's not and i'm sorry.

please understand. this was really hard for me but i've been coming to terms with it.

if you'd like to know more in detail, scroll down on my message board and i go into detail about why i'm doing this.

thank you,


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