We'll Fix Eachother (Insane!ChanDuke)

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Marshy: AU where everyone is pretty much as psychotic as J.D. I'm a fucking slut for this, mkay?

Chan-Chan: But you're a slut for me anyway~

Marshy: 0///0 NO SHUSH- also tws include insane shite and really dark things. so yeah.


Ah, Westerburg Mental Asylum. It's like a high school, but for the demented. There's only rules like, ‘No stabbing eachother, no overdosing (McNamara >:/), or anything of the sort.’, everything else is fair game, actually. The four most mentally unhealthy girls, known as ‘The Heathers’, are feared, but also semi-admired. Let's meet the members of the group, shall we?

Heather Duke, she runs the yearbook, she has no discernable personality, but her bulimia is so bad that she can't really think straight, and she's a loyal companion to have. She always wears green, for jealousy? Well, since her brain isn't very…active, she doesn't really get jealous unless you touch Chandler.

Heather McNamara, former head cheerleader, she fakes her happiness, when she is actually suicidal and depressed. She's tried to die many times, and she's always under close supervision from Veronica and sometimes Chandler. She wears all yellow.

Veronica Sawyer, she's the newest Heather, and she's probably the most sane of the four girls. She snapped after a session of Ram and Kurt's beatings, and beat the shite out of them. She'll hit anyone who hurts her or whoever she remotely cares about. She's a brunette wearing all blue.

And finally, Heather Chandler, the ruler of the literal hellhole. She has little sanity left, because she snapped before she even came to the asylum in the first place. This is also because of the power, it's what keeps her together.

One thing that Mac and Veronica have noticed was the recent weirdness surrounding the atmosphere, and they knew why; Duke and Chandler had crushes on eachother, and the two were determined to get them together. How? They didn't know. Currently, they were all sat at their lunch table, chatting normally - well, as normal as their broken selves they could get.

“What do you guys think of Kurt and Ram?” Mac asked, looking at the two jocks; they beat up anyone they made eye contact with, so she quickly looked away. Veronica tensed, then giggled quietly.

“I fucking hate them. They caused me to be like this, hehehehe-” The brunette giggled into Mac's shoulder.

“Bad question, like everything about me..” The yellow girl mumbled. Duke rested her head on the table.

“I don't care about them..” The green girl spoke quietly staring at her food which she wouldn't be able to keep down.

“I hope they rot in hell.” Chandler smiled genuinely, and the other three girls looked at her with slight fear.

“Moving on,” Veronica nibbled on her probably drugged food, “Chan, what do you think of Duke?”

“Well, I've always had a crush on her.” Well, Veronica knew she was honest, but she didn't expect her to be that honest.

“You..have, boss?” Duke looked up at her, sitting up straight, as Chandler pulled her into a kiss with a simple ‘Mhm’, as Duke gave a lopsided smile, “I do too, boss!” She chirped.

“Good! Now, come, we must go back to my cell for a little ‘chat’.”

Well, that was rather easy.


I don't know where I was going with this, so sorry if it sucks!


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