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Main Characters:

Shen Mingxia. An 18-year-old teen who suffers from daily bouts of bullying due to a mysterious incident that she caused when she was a child. Despite being ostracized from the human villagers, she doesn't stop trying to achieve her dream of becoming an herbalist.

Taizi (Crown Prince) Fang Liwei. He's not like any other Prince. Reluctant to accept the duties that come with being a mate to another dragon and the Emperor of all dragons, Liwei wishes for nothing but peace for his people.

Please note that the POV changes throughout the story, but it will be clearly marked for your convenience. The dominant POVs will be Mingxia and Liwei. Also, whenever the Emperor is referred to in third person, the first letter will be capitalized to emphasize the significance of his position (e.g. Father, Emperor, etc.).

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About the Secrets of Tarot series:

Book 0.5*: Tales from the Ceosal Kingdom

Book 0.6*: The Prince's Beast

Book 1: A Celestial Requiem

Book 2: A Celestial Redemption (August 2020)

Book 3: A Celestial Atonement (TBD)

Book 4: A Celestial Acceptance (TBD)

*Note: The novellas in-between novels are not connected to what is happening during what is considered to be the "present" in the novels. They should be read as standalone short stories as they occur centuries before A Celestial Requiem and include unrelated characters. They are worth reading if you're interested in other countries of the Realm.

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Reviews, Awards, and Rankings

"Gorgeous! That is the best word to describe this book. It is truly ah-maz-ing. The cover is beautiful and immediately caught my interest. The blurb is also well-crafted. As soon as I got into the book, I knew that it was going to live up to my first impressions. Your writing style reminds me so much of Gail Carson Levine, who has been one of my favorite authors since I was a child. You have incredible imagery, great grammar, and you expertly developed the world that your characters lives in." - frjohnson

"This was so refreshing to read." - lumtrexa

"Luli is so incredibly deliberate with her world. She's gone to the trouble of creating an entire canon, map, and description of various factions simply for the sake of world building. The author is also incredibly skilled at brining in traditional Chinese mythology into the immediate story and this attention to detail really brings Mingxia's world to life." - Anonymous

- #1 in Celtic Mythology (11/22/18)

- #2 in Chinese Mythology (11/23/18), #1 in Chinese Mythology (11/23/19)

- Top Garden Path Stories by F.R. Johnson // Late Bloomer (11/30/18)

- #6 in Tarot (12/27/18), #5 in Tarot (11/23/19)

- Second Place in Fantasy for Gold Awards 2018 (12/29/18)

- First Place in Fantasy (Frozen/Blood) and Beauty Enraptured Nominee in Arctic Awards (1/2/19)

- Semi-Finalist in Floral Contest #1: "New Year, New Me" (1/15/19)

- Added to Undiscovered Reading List (2/17/19)

- #1 in Asian Fantasy (2/25/19)

- #5 in Historical Fantasy (2/26/19)

- Added to HighFantasy's Middle Earth Reading List (3/10/19)

- 2019 Wattys Winner in Fantasy (9/30/19)

- #1 in Mythic Fantasy (10/4/19)

- Added to Adventure's Fantastical Adventures Reading List (11/18/19)

- Added to NA's Congratulations, You're the Chosen One! Reading List (11/27/19)

- Completed the story on 12/29/19 offline, but on Wattpad on 1/6/20.

- Added to Historical Fiction's Historical Fanfiction and Alternate Universes Reading List (1/12/20)

- Added to Romance Worlds Apart Reading List (2/22/20)

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