Chapter Three : My Mistake

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I didn't realize that I had completely stopped dead in my tracks. My dad put his hand in the small of my back ushering me forward. He could sense the looks from the other men and I knew he was as happy as I was about it. 

This party, however, was definitely my mom's scene. She loved every second of it. She was very friendly and never shied away from a conversation with a stranger. 

I began to move forward. One step at a time. I placed my mask on my face and tied it tight. 

His scent was getting stronger. And I knew he was somewhere close. Me and my family arrived just in time for a speech, given by the one and only, Alpha of the Blood Wall pack. Standing beside him was his beta. As soon as I looked at him. I knew he was my mate.

Mate! We have to have him! He's our mate. Dalia was howling. Throwing a fit. 

I knew he could feel it too. That his mate, I, was somewhere close, nearby. I know his wolf was going crazy with anticipation. I noticed because he couldn't focus on anything his first in command was saying. It looked as if he was searching for something. Searching for me. 

As the alpha ended his speech I watched his beta whisper something into his ear. The alpha's eyes lit up. They separated from each other and started to go into the crowd, talking with their guests. 

Shit. Where's the bathroom. I asked Dalia. Like she knew. I rolled my eyes. 

"I'm going to the bathroom." I told my mom, who was closest to me at this time. 

"Do you know the way?" 

"I'll figure it out." I turned before she could say anything else to me. 

I turned down a dark hallway, that was dimly lit, and began looking for the bathroom, opening and closing any door I saw. And there were a lot of doors. 

This will take some time. 

"Looking for something?" 

I jumped slightly. And then I felt myself being pushed into the next room as the door was opened in a hurry. It was dark in here. 

Where was I?

I felt his breath on my neck. 

Dalia began running in circles. Thats when it started. My heat. I became really hot and I started sweating. My body was burning up and I was acing all over. 

SHIT! Not now! Dalia . Can't you hold it???

Noooo I want him now he belongs to us. And I NEED him to mate us right now. I've waited long enough, Y/n!

I knew he could smell it. I looked up at him in his eyes were growing with hunger and lust. I looked down. No. I can do this. Thats when he spoke and I almost lost it just hearing his voice. I whimpered. It was audible enough for him to hear it. 

He smiled in satisfaction, knowing what he was doing to me. "I'm Ten. Nice to meet you. I am the beta of the blood wall pack."

His voice was so husky I wanted to melt into his arms and let him take me but I held myself together. Even though my wolf was begging to be let out. I looked back down, averting his gaze. 

"Look at me."

I asked myself  'how much longer can I go like this. Honestly?'

I looked up. That  was a mistake. 

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