Chapter 6

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Liam POV
I watched makayla hug the little girl I glared at them why I'll admit I'm jealous, my mother never showed me that much love, even though every evil Ruthless part of me surely came  from her , and my father well he's mean too  but at least I know he loves me no homo .

I snap out of my thought and I see makayla wiping the little girls eyes with her thumb ew germs  as a kid I never did like people touching my face I still don't, makayla looked  up and noticed my glare her eyes widened the little girl looked at me and copied Makayla's expression adorable i thought, she probably thought this was some type of game.

I cleared my throat " um Antonio how about you and Giovanni go wait in the car I'll be there shortly" I said they both got up and left  .

"Makayla sit down, now" I said in an intimidating voice she nodded and hesitantly sat down placing the little girl on her lap, she looked nervous I smirked

I decided to mess with her a little I looked into her scared eyes I grinned a little "so Makayla's when were you gonna to me I had a child" I said jokingly her eyes widened "I-I'm sorry i just couldn't find you I tried looking  at that hotel bu- '  my grin quickly turned into a frown and face was turning red WTF  is she serious right now , i was expecting her to curse me out and tell me the kid isn't mine and That should I mind my damn business but WTF .

Makayla's POV
Fear , fear is the only emotion I'm feeling right now , Is he mad that I didn't tell him , of course he is he just found out he has a daughter.
Liam slams his fist on the table I'm guessing to get my attention I looked at him his whole face was red I swear I seen a little steam come out of his ears

" Makayla" he say in a dangerously low voice I looked up at him " is she mine" he asked pointing at avianna, I didn't reply I just couldn't "ANSWER ME!" he screamed which caused  avianna to cry and everyone the cafe to look at us.

Liam then got up and grabbed  my arm roughly but not to roughly he made sure he didn't hurt Avianna ,he lead me out of the cafe, avianna was still crying about to through a tantrum I tried to calm her but couldn't so Liam gently took her from my arms and put her a black limo that was outside of the cafe " Antonio watched her try to calm her down" did this asshole just hand my child to some  man I don't know? 

" what the fuck dude" the man in the car said clearly annoyed by the screaming child, Liam ignored him, he grab my arm again and now  he was dragging me to the back of the cafe he roughly pushed me up against to brick wall ouch " now I'm gonna ask you again" he whispered and wrapped he big hands around my neck  " is she my kid"  When I gasped for air he loosened his grip "y-yes" I breathed out .
He let me go and ran his fingers though his thick blonde hair " holy shit I have a kid" he smiled a little to himself bipolar much ?  He was starting to walk away when I tapped on his shoulder he quickly turned around then bam!

I punched him in his nose he held his nose the blood dropped down to his lip he looked at me with wide eyes he looked shocked

One thing about me I ain't no cry baby , my parents might have  been a little stuck up and boujee but they always told me if somebody hit chu, you hit they ass back

I quickly pushed passed him and ran to the front of the cafe and knocked on the door of the black limo, the door open to reveal a dark haired man with pink scratches all over his face and a little blood on his bottom lip and the other man was holding his stomach laughing his ass off .

I grabbed my still crying daughter and calmed her down " I hope she wasn't to much trouble" I smirked, the man  glared at me and slammed the door shut.

I walked down the street to catch the bus it's been I long day I hope I don't have to see Liam ever again who am I kidding he knows now, of course I'm gonna see that asshole again.

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