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This fanfiction is dedicated to my friend Daisy_Layton_ . She writes absolutely wonderful stories so you should totally check them out!

Daisy, a high school graduate travels from her little town to Seoul, South Korea. She enrolls in a college and plans her life there. But what happens when she gets a letter addressed to her, from herself 15 years in the future? What happens when she meets Kim Taehyung, the handsome loner? And what will happen when she realizes there's more under the surface than she realizes?

Warning! This story contains some of the following—

•Mentions of suicide
•Mentions of depression
•Dark themes
•Bad puns

If you are not comfortable with any of the following, then please don't read this book. The story is mostly fluffy and pretty light-hearted but it does contain these kinds of themes. Thank you~

This book was inspired by the anime "Orange."

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