Chapter 3

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Ethan's P.O.V

What the fuck did I just do.

I let my big mouth took charge and said something stupid to Emma which made her uncomfortable. We always joke with her and we flirt around in a best friend way, but what I said did not sound like a fucking joke. Okay it was true, but shit that was bold and weird and awkward. 

Grayson frown once we were outside, "what did you say to Emma?"

"That she looked pretty when she laughed" Grayson's eyes went wide, "in a joking way to make her uncomfortable" I added quickly.

Grayson nodded but didn't say anything else.

"So you guys officially broke up huh" I  stated remembering the phone call he had.

Grayson didn't look at me when he answer, "she was just fucking messed up. I don't talk shit about people especially about girls, but she is... God. I can't believe I actually liked her" he picked up the boxes and turned to look at me.

"You gotta be careful to the people around you. And who you like" and like that he walked away.

I frown. Grayson said something really smart. Which was damn true. But something about the way he said it almost made it sound like he knew that I lied, and that he knows.

I took the last box and soon Emma was there closing the trunk.

"Finally, how many people are coming? James really went on full soda man" Emma commented.

I stared and didn't say anything.

She frowned, "what?" Then she sighed, "okay I know I have a bunch of ugly zits, leave me alone"

I blinked, Emma was really pretty. She's not like any girl I meet before, aware of how they look with make up, always in prefect clothes all the time, talk in like a weird way. She was... Emma. Not giving shit what people say, confident when she talks, and have a sweet heart. She was out of ordinary but that made her special and shit, she was bueatiful.

Woah what?

"Emma you look fucking fine. Listen I was stupid commenting that"

She nod, "yeah that made me uncomfortable and that was weird" also, Emma did not lie or try to make you feel better with fake words, she said the truth even if it hurts.


She cut me off, " listen I know you were joking, it's fine I don't care. Now stop apologizing bitch and let's get inside"

I bite my lips as she turned around walking back, "Emma" I called.

She turned.

"Try to speak profissinally to the pros today, so you wouldnt scare them" I said. Instead of what I really wanted to say.

She stick a middle finger, "we'll see" she smirked.

Shit. Why can't you be a real man Ethan?

Emma's P.O.V

We prepare everything and I went back to my apartment to go shower, change and raced back to the house for James to do my quick simple make up, cause you know your girl ain't that smart with make up.

As James was quickly 'baking' my face. He asked an odd question.
"Do you think if you have a chance to date one of the Twins,would you?"

I frowned, "Eww. No. James they are my best friends, dating them would be weird. Would you date Leah?"

James made a face, "Yeah, I see your point and not just because I'm gay"

"Right. Are you gonna vlog this party?" I changed the subject.

"Nope. I have another idea for my sisters. Close your eyes"

After that we didn't talk about anyone but ourselves.

As I went downstairs my butt  numb from sitting to long I saw Grayson in the sofa texting. I sat next to him and poke him.

"Hey." He greeted without looking up.

"You look fancy mister Grayson"

He looked up and smile, " Thanks.  You cleaned up well too"

I laughed, "Credit goes to James"

Not going to lie, Grayson looks hot with his tuxs on. I'm not saying in a crush way, I'm saying it as a best friend way. His hair comb and his tuxs Gray. His jawline was more sharp once he dressed up fancy. Weird but true.

I, on the other hand picked up a normal simple black dress with a slit on the side I found at the end of my closet. I think my mom bought me this cause I would never ware something like this. I only did cause James said it was formal.

"Yo Gray, where's my phone?" Ethan came in the living room and damn. Usually Ethan looks tried and wares whatever cool shit, but with the black tuxs and comb back hair, his jawline on point. I'm scared the ladies are gonna want to hook up with him.

He looked at me up and down nodding, "This is a first time. Not going to see this tomorrow"

I grin, "You know me too well"

He winked at me then went back scowling at Grayson, "Where is my phone, wait is that..." He walked over then snatched the phone from Grayson hands.

"Why the fuck do you have my phone?" He yelled.

"Chill I was just hacking your snapchat. That's all!"

Ethan narrowed his eyes at him, "I don't belive that"

Grayson snorted,"Ask Emma"

They both looked at me. Fuck.


"Diing" the doorbell cut me off and for once I'm thankful for the doorbell I  always thought was annoying.

Ethan glared at his twin and went away to open the door.

"You lied to him" I whisper to Gray.

Grayson nodded looking worried, "Yeah, it was for the best. Don't tell him okay"

"Sure." I promise.

He got up and left. I sat wondering why the hell he would lie to his own twin, but when Grayson words flowed in my head, 'yeah it was for the best' he wasn't talking about himself, but for his brother. He was also looking more worried about his twin.

I wonder what he was really doing on Ethan's phone.

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