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sAy tHe NamE


The long, drawn out beep of the oven resonated throughout the complex. Jimin opened his eyes slowly and found himself on the sofa. Soft snores from below him caught his hearing as he peaked from above the blue cushion and saw namjoon sleeping heavily, sprawled out on top of a fallen blanket fort. The elder cooed at the sight and pinched the brunette's cheek. The half asleep teen had noticed movement in his surroundings and flinched before turning around. He caught Taehyung's view from his lap, fear clouding his thoughts as the taller shuffled and began to slowly move the covers from over them, careful not to startle the sensitive blond. As he stretched and made his way to the kitchen, the shorter felt his eyes beginning to tear up as his breathing got heavy. Jimin practically launched himself onto his friend, clinging onto him for dear life.

"T-Ta, n-no dun go"

The younger mumbled under with a cry that made Taehyung guilty for moving in the first place, so he put it to himself to make him laugh again. He faked like he was thinking with an over dramatic expression which made a soft but subtle giggle erupt from the younger who tried to cover his face, which made his heart turn into goo at his adorable habits. But Taehyung was having none of that so he crouched down and removed jimins hands from his face and stared at him until the younger heavily blushed and whined.

"Dun be a meannieeeee~"

He gave him his signature boxy smile before turning around and lifted up the smaller and placed his arm under his bum, hand wrapped around his curvy waist, as the younger cutely yawned and rubbed his eyes with his small fists, a bundle of blond hair laid atop his head, that looked a lot like a nest. Jimin squeaked at the action but sloppily clinged onto him and laughed as the elder walked them to the kitchen and put him down onto the counter. The shorter flinched once again from the contact of the cold marble on his behind but Taehyung stood in between his thighs and lifted up his chin so they were eye to eye.

They stared at each other for couple of seconds, Jimin stared, his doe like eyes practically gleaming of curiousity, his head tilted cutely to the side with a pout painted onto his slightly puffy face.

"Sumfing wrong tae?"

The elder had zoned out for a bit, thinking about how a person like jimin could be going through so much at such a young age. The kid was only 7 when all hell broke loose in his childhood, and he remembered how they first met.


theee part flashback coming up

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