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"Lincoln if you think what I think you're thinking, you're crazy!"

We were watching as Bellamy had gathered all of the boys from camp and was making two of them fight each other in a circle one at a time.

"C'mon it's not that bad, I'm sure we can find a good match for you." He replies as we walk casually into the midst of people. I gazed around at all of the big-built giants cluttered together.

"I highly doubt that."

This one guy and Miller were currently having a duel and it looked like a pretty fair match. Every time Miller threw a punch, his opponent did the same. Bellamy finally decides to break up the battle or we would have been here all night.

"Alright who wants to go next?" He searches through the crowd for any volunteers.

"I volunteer Maddie." Lincoln says as he gives me a shove, catching me off guard.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I whisper scream back to him as I attempt to retreat back into the outskirts of the circle.

"Actually..." the back of my shirt is caught and tugged back. "This is a good idea." My eyes go wide and I become flustered as I turn around.

"I'm sorry what?" I question Bellamy, not knowing what was running through his mind.

"Just trust me." He tells me before turning around to face the confused audience. "If anyone wants to fight her, you'll be done training for the day. However, if you lose, you'll have to train for the rest of the week while everyone has the day off."

"Why are you acting like I'm an undefeated champion fighter or something? I can't beat any of these meatheads!" I say with a low voice, watching closely for any movement in the crowd. "Also can I just say-"

"No." He cuts me off but I continue anyway.

"That these men are giants! Seriously Bellamy the top of my head aligns with their ass! If one of them farted I would collapse and take the knockout. I'm pretty sure-" the shadow of a man emerging from the sea of people distracts me from whatever I was rambling about.

He doesn't hesitate to step foward, towering over me and flexing his bulging muscles as if they didn't speak for themselves already. He looked like his foot alone could stomp me out like a bug being squished effortlessly. I gulp back the lump in my throat and lift my chin up high, scanning his entire body in order to find the top of his head. However, all I saw were the hairs in his flared out nostrils and the disturbing scar under his left eye.

"Yeah no." Bellamy comes over and shakes his head at the giant, placing his hand on his chest. "I'm not trying to kill her."

"Bell what are you trying to do?" I ask watching the monster grunt and make his way back to the boundary of the circle.

"Let's just say this is punishment for getting drunk...again and for recklessly running out of Mount Weather by yourself.

"You know that sounds like a huge invasion of my private life." I comment.

"Getting drunk shouldn't be a part of a twelve year old's life. Now Cori's immature, reckless, dumbass that makes more sense.

I roll my eyes and scan through the audience. Nobody was stepping foward for whatever reason. They were either afraid to lose (the chance of that being impossible), or didn't want to look like an idiot fighting someone half their size. Both options made sense and I wouldn't have stepped foward either.

"Well that's that!" I exclaim walking back to where Lincoln stood.

"I'll fight her." A voice says coming from the opposite end of the circle.

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