10. Modelling and Instagrams

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Skylar: Yo, u up?

Luke: is this a bootycall?

Skylaryes... all my other bootys did not answer my call

Luke: for real?

Skylar: no lmao, wanna come somewhere with me? Ollie is being an asshat and won't get up even tho he promised me he'd help.

Luke: well, it is five thirty after all, I don't blame him

Skylar; well what are u doing up at this abnormal hour?

Luke: Gym

Skylar: of course that's why. well, what im doing is much more exciting. text me ur address and i'll see u in a bit.

Once Luke had finally sent me his address, I was now certain that I was actually leaving my house, so I began the process of getting dressed. I grabbed the outfit that I had planned to wear today , shimmying the jeans up my legs as I tried to pull them on, a sigh of relief left me once I had finally done the button.

Now that I was completely dressed, I hurried out to my car, quickly typing in Luke's address as I made my way to his house.

When I arrived, I figured that it would be slightly unwise for me to blast my horn at quarter to six in the morning, instead, I phoned Luke.

"What?" A gruff voice spoke down the voice, I bit my lip as I listened to the sound of his morning voice. Morning voices are hot.

"I'm here, are you ready?" I spoke, staring at my chipped nail polish, making a mental reminder to myself that I should probably paint them again.

"I'm coming, I'll be two minutes." He grumbled down the phone again before hanging up. I had a feeling that Luke was a lot less talkative in the morning, making me wonder whether or not this was a good idea. I'd rather shoot the photos myself than put up with grumpy Luke.

No more than two minutes later, Luke opened the back door of my car, throwing his bag into the bag and then hoping into the passenger seat.

"What exactly is it that we're doing?" He spoke as I fixed my eyes onto the toad, trying to concentrate on where it was I was going.

"It's like a big art mural, I have an outfit I wanna post on my blog and think it would be a cool place to take photos for it." I replied, I a lot of time, more than I cared to admit, scrolling through the internet trying to find cool places to take photos.

"And you need me why?" Luke asked, clearly not impressed with my plan.

"To take the photos, duh." I rolled my eyes, it wasn't exactly rocket science.

"I'm not a photographer, I'm probably not the best person to bring." I could feel my stomach tightening as I listened to him speak, it sounded almost as if he doesn't want to be here, as if I was making him and he had no other choice.

"I can drop you back home if you'd like, you can go to the gym or do whatever you need to do." I gripped the steering wheel, anxious incase he didn't want to be here.

"Don't be stupid Sky," he laughed lightly, "I'd be happy to help. I needed to let you know I'm useless at photography incase you needed someone better."

"You'll do fine." I grinned at him as I stopped the car, hopping out and grabbing the camera equipment from the boot of my car.

"All you need to do," I began as Luke came out of the car, "is press this button, the settings should all be right. Just press the button when you think you're gonna get a good shot."

I needed to do this early in the morning mainly because the lighting was perfect, but also because there was a lower chance of people walking past and ruining the photo, making the process even longer.

I wandered over to the mural and stood in front of it, ready to pose for my latest photos. I giggled as I watched Luke fumble with the camera as began taking shots.

"Hey, I wasn't ready!" I yelled, frowning as I was mid laugh and was almost certain my laughing face wasn't exactly the nicest.

"You said take a photo when I think it's a good shot. I thought it was a good shot." He shrugged as he continued to snap the photos and I stood posing. I always felt awkward posing in front of people.

After a good half hour, and a thousand photos later, we decided to call it a day as we figured there would be at least a few pictures I could use.

"Since I done that favour for you, it's now your turn to do me a favour. Take a photo for my Instagram." He laughed as he walked over to the wall, a cheeky smile on his face.

"What should I do?" He asked as he positioned himself.

"Smoulder." He rolled his eyes in reply as he simply stood, a small smile on his face.

This just wasn't cutting it.

"Look to the side and up slightly." He did as I said, the light perfectly hitting his face, showing off his bone structure in a way that made him look even more beautiful.

"You're beautiful." I stood in awe as I continued to take the photos.

"Beautiful?" He frowned, staring at me with a weird expression on his face.

"Yeah, is that weird for me to say?" I asked, feeling the heat rising to my cheeks slightly as I stared at the ground, now feeling embarrassed at my comment.

"No. Not at all. No one has ever said that to me before, it was cute." He grinned at me, before walking over and wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

"Let's go get food." I wrapped my arm around his waist as we walked towards the car, ready to reward ourselves after our long few hours of work.

Later that night, as I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. I came across a photo of Luke that I had taken earlier in the day. The caption wrote 'damn, skylar is taking all my photos from now on'

I chuckled slightly at the caption before double taping the image a good twenty times, in my mind this meant I had liked the picture a lot of times.


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