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The light snow crumpled as I ran down the sloping cobbles, my face being blasted by the bitter wind. Regret washed over me yet I pushed on, the urge to look back intensifying for every step I took. I needed to get as far away as possible before they found out and send Caleb, Melissa and their Unit hunting for me. "Damn, I haven't seen any of them in a long time." I thought as I shielded my eyes from the setting sun.

Twigs snapped and the sea breeze whistled through the pine trees, my legs slowly aching from my running and ferns brushing past my skin. The flapping of wings echoed within the distance. I sprinted up the paths, kicking dirt as my boots drove into the ground beneath me. "The sea..." Sea salt crept up to me as I powered on, the scent growing until the azure waves came into view.

I skidded to a halt as the trees cleared, the white cliffs and crashing waves beneath my feet. My laboured breathing flew in the air and I turned around to see the white castle on the hill, the Angel and Demon statues guarding the huge door. "Okay... just fly..." I thought, feeling the soft, white feathers sprout out of my back and extend proudly. The joints of my wings felt stiff since I hadn't used them in so long, shaking them to move them again. Dark water swirled from under me.

With one mighty flap, the grass and dirt sprayed in the air and I surged upwards towards the darkening sky, adrenaline coursing through my blood. The earmuffs were ripped from my head and dissolved into black mist, joining onto my body and creating a warm sensation as I felt it slightly increase my power. White silk morphed onto my body and gold shone around my legs and arms. I looked back and the barren island started to get smaller and smaller as the ocean zoomed past me. A genuine smile crept upon my lips.

It was so quiet, the distant waves no longer crashing. An endless navy blanket was laid before me, the sun ready to rest for the night. Oranges, pinks and yellows eventually blended out into lavender purples, spreading across the early night. I dove to the sea and saw my reflection following me, the bright light from my Angel form like a clueless firefly. The water was cold, not frigid and I cooled my working body as I raced through the sky on my own. "Only 3 hours to go..."

My eyes tried to close and my wings grew tired, aching at the joints. Consciousness would fade in and out but I still continued to fly within the dark sky. Stars twinkled above me and the reflection below wavered with small lights. At some points I would subconsciously fly whilst sleeping, almost nose diving into the black sea beneath me.

All I wanted to do was lay down, my legs dragging myself down as I slowly flew across the ocean. "Please tell me this is it... IT IS!!!" I thought, recognising the lights the streets. With one giant flap of my wings, I rocketed into the sky, bursting out in laughter as my body silhouetted against the moon. The wind howled in my ears and I dived and twisted in the air, the dark water splashing beneath me.

Landing on the concrete pavement, the streetlights beamed down on me. Bitterness crept onto my tongue and my stomach twisted as I saw the towering skyscrapers. "Don't think about it now. You're here to move on." I shifted into shadows and flowed along the stores, the odd person walking within the night.

Fatigue ached at my limbs and forced me to take a break. My power was nearly gone, the extensive flying and constant shifting draining me. Darkness lapped against my clothes, urging me to let go and let the clothes retract from my body. "If I let go, I'll be naked and cold. Ugh... why couldn't I just get changed instead of fleeing like an idiot?"

I stared through the windows of the shops and my reflection looked back at me, my breath rising within the air in a spiral of silver. Pressing my head on the cold glass, the outline of outfits faded into view. Warm coats. Jackets. Trousers. Shirts. "I need them. I won't last long without it." Thoughts pressed into my head.

My body melted into black ink and I slinked myself through the tiny beneath the door, my eyes darting to the corners of the room to find small red lights dotted within the darkness. The wood groaned under my footsteps as I walked towards the endless racks of clothes. "What's everyone wearing here?" I thought as a midnight top grazed my fingers. Pulling it out, I deemed it suitable and without further thought put it on. The shadow-sweater disappeared off my body and pulled the top over my head. (Remember that Demons can shift for impersonation and that I am basically 'impersonating' myself with that particular item of clothing on) "I can already feel my power refill."

"What should I do now?" I thought as I strode beside the River Thames, the dark water shimmering under the London moonlight. Unlike Crystal, London was not covered in frost during the winter months. My boots clicked on the cobbles, syncing with the beating of my heart.

Distant voices rung in my ears as I walked near a pub. Sounded like shouting and cheating. I looked up at the circular sign above my head. It was of a birds nest with blue birds carved into it. Symbols were etched into the old wood, swirls and dots encasing the outside of the circle. "It's Daemona!!! W-what? How?!" I froze and forgot about everything. My eyes were glued onto the sign and the Daemona surrounding. "Maybe its a chance to meet other Demons? I'll probably regret this."

A thick layer of dust and cobwebs blanketed the windowsills and the paint on the walls hing down like peeling skin. The smell of dampness stabbed my nose as I ventured further down the ancient steps, forcing me to cough. There must of been 5 people within the bar, all uninterested in me. However, I ventured downstairs to look for the noises, the people in the bar not intervening.

I must of been within the third floor down, the sound of the police sirens and helicopters fading out of my ears and replaced by the hectic screaming. There was only one solitary lamp that was lit, its light a mere attempt at illuminating the pit of black around. The manic yelling ahead of me grew deafening as it opened out into a wide area, whole floors of spectators in the distance.

A cage of some sorts was in the middle, rust lingering around their joints and sharp wires poking out every now and then. About 50 people huddled around it, insanely screaming at the top their lungs at the people within the cage. "It's a fight club!!!"

My boots clacked onto the grimy tiles beneath me, the sound bursting out and around the enormous space around me. A man twisted around and his eyes lurked into me for a few seconds, nudging his friend beside him. More people turned and eventually the voices died out like a candle. The whole area went deadly silent, stares burning into my body like hot pokers.

Everyone's eyes were on me.

"Now what?"

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