Prompt #33

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                Prompt: More domestic fluff between Brennan and Leon

                A.N.- Hi I missed my boys so here's some plotless love between older them okay enjoy, 10/10 prompt request


                I stared out of the window as rain beat down against it. I was supposed to go to a cookout today, but it had been cancelled because of the horrible weather. Now I had all day to be bored.

                "Leon!" I called.

                "What?" he called back, and I followed his voice to the kitchen. He was making tea and snacking on crackers.

                I went over and stole a cracker from him. "What are your plans for the day?"

                "I'm going to do some paperwork for work," he said, handing me a small stack of crackers.

                I put my arms around his waist and hugged him to myself. "No you're not. I'm trapped inside all day and I'm already bored out of my mind."

                "I swear, it's like I'm already raising a child," he said with a tired sigh. He kissed my cheek. "I have work to do, Bren. Why don't you just binge watch a show or something?"

                "Genius idea, I could sure do with some company for my binge though," I said. I held up my stack of crackers. "Netflix and crackers?"

                "I have to work so we can afford our Netflix subscription," he teased, pushing my arms away from his waist. "Do you want tea?"

                "That's always a yes," I said.

                "Shit ton of honey," he said, pouring some into a mug for me. He looked out of the window as he mixed honey into the drink. "It's such a dreary day out."

                He looked exhausted, and I knew he'd stayed up late last night to get work done. He was always doing work. I frowned. It was a rainy day; it was the perfect weather to take a break and be lazy. He was joining me whether he wanted to or not.

                "Here's your tea," he said, kissing me as he put the warm mug in my hands. "If you need me, I'll be in my study."

                "At least help me pick a show," I said, catching his arm. "C'mon, please?"

                "Fine," he said. "But then I'm going to do my work."

                I grabbed a bag of chips and went out to the living room with Leon. I dropped on the couch, pulling him down next to me as I brought up Netflix.

                "Alright! Rainy day, so maybe something creepy?" I said, scrolling through my options. "Then again, my life is kind of a horror when my boyfriend's dad is George Constance."

                Leon elbowed me roughly, letting out that patiently exasperated sigh of his. "He paid to fix your car last month. Don't be rude about him when he's not even here."

                "Only because I reminded him that you ride in my car all the time," I said. "Okay, fine, what show looks good to you?"

                He focused on the screen and pointed. "There, stop scrolling. That one looks pretty creepy. What's the plot?"

                We read the plot of it together and I shrugged, clicking on it. Good enough for me!

                "I'll be in my study," he said, starting to get up.

                I pulled him down into my lap, wrapping my arms around him. "I've bamboozled you once again, Leon. Now you're stuck watching Netflix with me on this shitty rainy day."

                "Bren, I've got work to do," he protested.

                "And I've got a boyfriend to cuddle. My needs are more important," I said, pulling a blanket over us.

                I shifted so we were lying down together, Leon hugged to my body. I could see the struggle on his face. He wanted to stay and watch Netflix with me, but he also wanted to do his work.

                "It'll be there tomorrow," I said, kissing his neck. "Tomorrow I'll be at work and we won't be able to cuddle like this. You were up all night doing work; I'm sure you're ahead enough to take a little break."

                "I guess that show does look really interesting," he said at last, giving in. I grinned widely and tilted his head so I could kiss him on the lips.

                I reached out and turned the lights off, starting up the show. Leon opened the bag of chips and laid them in front of himself, making sure I could reach them too.

                "We haven't been on a date in a while," I said, resting my chin on his shoulder.

                "The Academy has a long weekend next week. We could go to a movie and dinner," Leon offered.

                "Sounds good to me," I said.

                "Oh, I forgot, Beckett is going to be doing a piano performance during the local music festival at the end of the month. We should go," Leon said.

                "Only if Beckett is going to smash the piano with a bat when he's done," I said. "True punk rock piano playing, or I'm out."

                He rolled his eyes. "He might smash you with a bat."

                "I think he's too fond of me for that," I said.

                "No, he's not," Leon said.

                "He's really not," I agreed, and Leon laughed.

                "Okay, shut it. I'm trying to follow the plot," Leon said, relaxing back against my body.

                We fell into comfortable silence, just cuddled up on the couch watching the show. We were on the second episode when I realized that Leon had fallen asleep.

                "Who knew I'd be so happy to have you fall asleep during a little date?" I said, smiling and kissing his shoulder. He could use the rest. I'd wake him up in a little so he didn't screw up his sleeping schedule, but for right now, I'd let him nap.

                I held Leon close to me, turning the volume of the TV down until I could hear the rain tapping against the house. It was a relaxing sound, and the dim light of the TV in the darkness had me nodding off too.

                Sleep schedules be damned. I tugged the blanket up over the two of us more and closed my eyes, my head on Leon's shoulder. What a perfect way to spend a dreary day.

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