New Beginning

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had just finished getting packed to moved to Forks,Washington to live with my father, Charlie when my mother's voice rang from downstairs. "Bella hurry up Tor Is here to pick you up you're gonna miss your flight!" she yells "Coming mother!" I yelled back.

Oh,Hi I'm sorry i didn't see you there I'm, Isabella Doss As you might already know I'm a "17"-year-old vampire from Phoenix,Arizona. I am a proud lesbian who has yet to found my mate so i am a huge social flirt I had just got out a relationship with my best-friend Tor.

"Bella!"...Alright i'm coming. Came my reply. I take one last glance in the mirror and smirk. I'm wearing my casual Friday outfit my jet black hair with crimson red highlights that bring out my eyes I'm wearing my hair straight by the way.' My black t-shirt, red pants showing off my curves I topped it off with my black and red vans and sun glasses. "I look hott...with a extra 't'.

I speed downstairs and into my mothers arms "I'm gonna miss you Bells."she sighed I laughed "Mom you and Papa Phil are moving in with us next Friday".

"What a Woman can't miss her daughter for a week?"she fake pouts. "Nope." I half a joke. I hug P.P 'Papa Phil'. "Love you guys!"i whisper. "Love you 2!"they yell fucking with me. I speed outside and hug Tor 'my sire/ex and best-friend we had to break up when she met her mate James I like him he a perverted child and is only 120 years old oh well...Oh and by the way Tories real name is Victoria.'I hop in the car and T drives off to the airport.

"It's nice to see i still have that effect on you."James purrs from behind Tor. 'Fuck You J!'i tease inside my head knowing damn well he heard that and put my mental shield up. "Oh you suck Bells"he pouts. "No but, i do eat."i say winking a Tor who looks like she would blush if she could.

"Bells you move pretty slow for a 4 thousand-year old vamp."J jokes. "I took five minutes to shower,pack and get dressed J."i whine.

"Still slow."he argues. "Beats your record of seven minutes."i laugh. "Hey! This hair takes time" he says playing with it. "And mine doesnt?"

He just scoffs and takes my cap and i squeal. "Give it back or i will cut your pony tail!" he gasps, covers his head and hand it back. "Thank you J bear' i joke.


When we land in Forks the fist thing we do is speed to Charlie's house to invited him to hunt with us so T,J and I can go chill at our place and not thirsty come high-school 'Again!'Monday. The 3 of us were changed at 18 but were going as failed juniors. To say that we were surprised at what we saw when we got to the mansion would be the understatement of the century in front of us stood a 4 story mansion painted crimson red with black lights around the front lawn in the 4 way driveway were 3 Nissan GT-Rs and 1 Toyota RAV4. One of Nissans was a jet back with a red flame frame around my nickname that was neon blue it said Crimson Diva . The next one was a crimson red with a neon green flame frame around Tor's name that was purple it read Thunder. The last one was a sky blue with a jet black flame frame around J's name it was gold and read Pony-Tail.The RAV4 was jet black and had all our names on it in the same color as on our own cars as well as Renée and Phil's names.

All of our rooms were decorated with the same colors as on our cars there were 12 bedrooms,3 master-bedrooms,a family room,a dinning-room,a den,a bathroom in each bedroom,a kitchen and a game-room.

Monday Morning

After my morning routine I get dressed in a checkerboard printed shirt that is tied in the back showing off some of my pale abs black skin-tight jeans my white with black stripped belt my back and white converse with my hair curled and hanging off my shoulders with my tinted sunglasses.

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