The Devil You Know (Part 1)

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(Outfit above)

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(Outfit above)

We were all at a diner, watching our performance and eating. I really enjoyed our performance. We killed it, big time. I hope our moms proud. (MUSIC PLAYED FROM IPAD)  

"Syeir pass that." Alexandra said gesturing to the syrup. I picked it up handing it to her. "Here." 

"We did so dope though." Simone said, never minding the fact she has food in her mouth. "Wait I'm sorry. Did you just say dope?" I said. She shook her head and smirked.

"See, i put my balls on the line for you. Took a big chance. So now you all better start listening to me,cause' I'm gonna manage you." Me and Alex both sending him weird looks. "You booked us at a house party, Jahil." Alexandra said leaning back in her seat. "Yeah and its not like you got us meetings with record execs." 

"Damn, Alexandra and Syeir. Y'all are Cold-blooded." Simone said and i sent her a playful glare. 

"Please let the man talk." Star said as she sighed. And looked at me. I just rolled my eyes and looked at my watch. Gotta get to Derek's. "Oh, we will." Alexandra said gesturing to me and her. I high five her and turned our attention to Jahil. "No, no. It's cool. They're just running me through my paces. I can respect that." Jahil said I just looked at Alex and raised my eyebrow.

"There's a big music festival coming here to Atlanta, and it's got a Honda stage, and it's the perfect venue for me to introduce you to the world." Jahil said taking a sip of his drink. 

"So book us." Star said. I turned to Alex and whispered to her, "Hey can i catch a ride with you to Derek's?" She nodded. "Yeah. Sure we'll leave in a second." She said and smiled and we turned back to Jahil and Star.

"There's steps to this thing. There's a radio contest, and EPK.  You Gotta submit a demo, and the deadline is in two days.  You two little girls ready for that?" Jahil said looking at me and Alex. "Yes." ME and her said in unison. I can feel our sisterhood blossoming. 

"But the question is, do you have enough money?  Or better yet, do you even know how expensive they are?" Alexandra finished. Jahil fired back but oh well i gotta pee. I stood up and went into the bathroom. 


After i finished using the bathroom and washing my hands. I walked back to the table to see Alex about to stand. "Look I'm about to take Syeir to Dereks." Alex said and i walked over closer and grabbed my bag from my chair. Star then of course had to comment, "She's sixteen." I just rolled my eyes.

"Who's Derek?" Jahil asked. "None of your business." I shot back earning looks from him and Star. "Look if you want to manage us, show me the money.Come on Sy." She finished and hooked my arm with hers. "Both of you, please don't be late to the salon, i really don't wanna hear her mouth today." Star said. I through up peace signs.


Alexandra and me made it back to the salon. "Hey, I'm gonna go work on some music. See ya." She said waving at me. I nod and walk up the stairs to his porch. I knocked on the door. And in forty five seconds I'm in house making out with him.

Derek's room

We ended up 'Making Love' as they say i guess. I was laying on top of him, drawing circles on his chest. Just thinking about this music festival. 

"Where'd you learn how to do all that?" I asked, he was very, skilled? You could say. 

"I watch a lot of porn." He says with a straight face but we both end up laughing. I hit his chest and giggle. "Ew." I say and end up kissing his lips once more. "I like you,Syeir." He says causing me to look up at him and scoot closer and as i do he it's his arm around me pulling my close to him. "Who are you?" He says finishing what he was saying. "A girl with a screwed up passed.My moms dead. Never even met my dad. I don't let that define me. I'm just boring old Syeir Davis. Who's trying to make it with her new best friend and sisters in the music industry." I say as i let out a sigh. "You're far from boring." He said.

"My moms dead too." He says looking at me. "Maybe we're not total opposites." I say trying to lighten the mood. "She died when i was seven." He says. "I'm sorry." I say to him.

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