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Emma's P.O.V

I'll tell you this. Waking up with a stupid ringtone - God knows why the fuck I set it - can ruin your damned good sleep you were craving for while editing the videos. Also, I'm wondering, why the fuck do people enjoy watching you do stupid things on YouTube?

I rolled over with a groan and tap my nightstand without opening my eyes looking for my phone. My hand rested on my phone that was vibrating. I sighed, opened my eyes, and squinted at the screen.


"Duh fuck?" I murmured, but decided to pick it up anyways.

"What?" My voice deep which sounds gross. But whatever, I don't care what he'll think.

"Having a nice day as well thanks for asking." He replied with sarcasm.

"Listen, if you think I'm in a mood to deal with happy comments, you ain't fucking gonna get it. I stayed up all night editing our video"

"Welcome to being a Youtuber," he said, laughing.

"I feel special already. Why'd you call?" I say sitting up. Once I'm awake, it's hard as fuck to go to sleep again.

"James's having a party."

I rolled my eyes. "I know. It's not like in - what - six hours?" I answered checking my wall clock.

"He needs help Emma. His other friends are doing other things, we are in charge of food."

"'Cause we love food," I commented.

"Well partly that and because we are his friends. James is already freaking out over his budget of his new car being sent tomorrow and the fact he just moved in and there is not much going on in the new house"

"What's the party for again?" I yawned stretching, letting my legs dangle over the side of the bed.

"The new house, new car, new product being launched. Sometimes I wonder where your head goes off to when we're talking."

I ignored that because A) that was true and B) what I learned is to never let Ethan be right or he'll use that against you in the future.

"I'll be there in half an hour" I said standing up and heading to the washroom turning on all the lights on the way. Bitch, you never know who the fuck is hiding in the shadows to stalk you while you sleep. And, no, it won't be a hot Edward Cullen standing there.

"Want us to pick you up?" he asks like a sweet god damn gentleman he is.

"Nah, I'm good. " I smiled while watching myself so I don't fall on the stairs.

"Right, see you."

"Yeah, later"

Awkward silence. The silence where neither of us knows on who to hang up first.

"Oh, and Emma."


"Ah... Never mind..."

I rolled my eyes, turning the light of in the bathroom. "I hate when people do that. Fuck, Ethan, what is it?"

"I was just gonna say to pick up Starbucks on your way. But, it was fine since you don't really buy from there..." he sounded unsure of the statement he just made.

Almost like a lie.

"Ah. Yeah, you're right. I mean, I can if you guys want, but I don't know what you all want. Actually, no... since I won't go there, I'm getting my coffee somewhere else. Umm, unless-"

He cut me off, "Emma, just hang up." he says chuckling.

"Yeah, good idea." I hung up. Sometimes I feel like Ethan can read my mind.

I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. Judging by all the zits on my face, they were making my face better for people to look at. And my black hair that James loved and made me dye. The only real thing I can say I don't mind is my blue eyes. Like the sky, big and wide, that people rarely look up to see. Like me with a crowd.

I brushed my teeth, went to the bathroom to take a shit as I scrolled through Instagram. Then I got ready in comfortable clothes and not even bothering putting on makeup. Bitch, I don't have the time for that thank you very much.

I hopped into my car, drove to this coffee shop I thought was cool that I had found a week ago, ordered the usual almond milk coffee, and then off to James' house I went.

On the way, I couldn't stop wondering what Ethan wanted to say to me. I'm no god, but I'm neither stupid. I knew that he wanted to say something else. What was it though? Well, fuck. 'Cause now I won't stop thinking about it, and I'm letting it bother me.

Fuck, I never usually give a fuck what other people think. Not even my best friends (unless it's important though - I'm not cruel, okay?). Really, Emma, don't let it get to you.

I still didn't stop thinking about it.



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