Poly!Heathers + Veronica (Werewolf!Soulmate AU)

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Marshy: Just an ending to the first part.


“What?” Veronica asked, raising a brow at the three girls that towered over her as she sat up on the concrete surface of the tennis courts. She regretted showing her ears and tail.

Yet, she got no answer, as she was dragged behind the bleachers.


It's been atleast two weeks since the Heathers found their latest soulmate.

It's been atleast one week since Veronica Sawyer has hardly been seen at the high school.

Yes. The blue werewolf was hiding from her mates. Really, she shouldn't, but she'd be better off alone, she believed. She didn't deserve them. They deserved someone better. That's why she was avoiding them.

Currently, Kurt and Ram had her stuck inside a locker now, laughing.
(A/M: Again, J.D is a no-no.)

“Aww, is the little dyke puppy unable to escape on her own?!” Ram jeered, kicking the locker door as Veroncia banged on it from the inside, desperate to leave.

“You should've thought of that before abandoning your mates, mutt!” Kurt joined in, and the blue girl howled in an last attempt to be set free. The locker  door opened to her surprise, but that was so Ram could grab her by her tail and throw her down the hall, ending up hitting the wall with a rather loud yelp. The two boys closed in on her and she felt Kurt grab her tail, pulling on it rather harshly. She whimpered.

“You deserve this, you dyke!” Ram jeered as Kurt tightened his grip. Veronica cried out, as she was stuck against the lockers.

That word set her off. She growled, “Back off!” She snapped. The two jocks laughed, and repeated the same word over and over, in different tones and pitches. Veronica lost her temper and she suddenly grabbed Ram, twisting his arm until…


A high pitched screeched came from the jock as Veronica picked him up somehow with no difficulty and threw him into Kurt, and they tumbled back words. She stalked towards the quivering duo, “You're gonna pay.” She barked, but then was suddenly held back by two sleeved arms - a red sleeved arm and a green one. They were strong too, they weren't loosening their grip anytime soon.

Heather McNamara walked up to the two jocks and growled, “Scram.” She ordered, and the two boys did so, and ran off towards the nurse's office. The three girls brought Veronica into the bathroom, sitting her on the sink counter, as they looked up at her.

“Are you okay? Did they hurt you?” Chandler asked when she finally calmed.

“Yeah.. I think broke Ram's arm though..” the blue werewolf sighed, “Oh, shite, I feel so bad now!”

“He deserved it,” Duke growled, twitching in slight anger, as the three pulled her into a hug, “How about a sleepover at Mac's?” She suggested. The other three agreed.

“So, Ron, do you want to be in our pack, or…? Because you were avoiding us..” Mac whimpered.

“You know what? Sure!” Veronica grinned.

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