Igneel and Lucy

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Lucy sat at the bar waiting for Natsu and Happy "Hey Mira." Mira turned to looked at Lucy "What is it?"

"Have you seen Natsu and happy today?"

"Yeah they left on a job told me to tell you something about guy time or something." Mira said with a smile

Lucy sighed "well since the left with out me I guess ill go on a solo mission." Mira reached under the counter and handed Lucy a piece of paper "It just came in today." Mira smiled "thieves hu... Ill take it!" Mira nodded "I thought you would. The next train to flora leaves in 20 minutes."

"Whys it called flora?"

"Its the city of flowers."

"Oh... Well if Natsu and happy show up tell them im on a mission" Lucy said walking out the front door of the new fairy tail hall.

Siting in on the train by her self Lucy thought of everything they must of missed during there 7 years sleep.

Lucy got off the train and headed to the mayor's house. Lucy sat on the couch as mayor Toshi explained what was going on "There are five thieves and only one of them is a mage. We believe there next target is the bank." Lucy nodded "I'm on it! oh and how much am I getting payed for this... it didnt say on the request paper."

"as much as you want."

" Enough for next months rent is good."

"deal!" and the shook on it. Lucy walked out of the mayors house.

he said they'll strike to night so I should get some rest.

Lucy headed for the hotel.

The bank owner locked up with Lucy inside but gave her a spare key just in case. After about an hour of wait Lucy heard mumbling coming from out side. She hide behind the counter and waited. The door started to melt and Five thieves walked in, the mage thief seemed to be the leader. Lucy pulled out Leo and capricorns keys and jumped on the counter "I open the of the gate of the lion and the goat!" the thieves looked at Lucy shocked as Leo and Capricorn appeared "Leo take care of the mage Capricorn tie up the others!"

"On it!" they said in unison. Leo punched the mage, the who fell to the ground unconscious "Well that wasn't a challenge at all." Leo sighed

Capricorn knocked out the other four. Lucy tied them all up together "looks like I could of just used one of you. I thought the mage would of been a problem.. guess not. Thanx you guys.

"No problem Lucy." The both bowed and disappeared.

Lucy brought the mayor the thieves and the key to the dank.

"oh thank you! Here's your reward."

"Thanx and no problem. This is the city of flowers right?"


"is there a meadow near by?"

the mayor shook his head up and down "Yes there's one right behind my home threw the forest. Its on my land so no one goes there with out asking me so if you want you could go there." Lucy's face lit up and she smiled

"thank you vary much!" and Lucy left.

As she walked threw the woods the sun was just rising turn the sky a beautiful pinkish red

Its beautiful! and I can enjoy it with out natsu sighting of boredom.

the forest stopped leaving a wide space of green grass and flowers. Lucy spotted a huge rock in the shade and desided that's were she'd relax at. Lucy sat on the rock weaving flowers together when she heard a loud whoosh, the wind started blowing really hear and then there was a loud bang sound along with a quake then it all just stopped Lucy looked up, her eyes widened. A giant red dragon was standing right infront of her. At first Lucy was Terrified after all every dragon she ever meet tryed to kill her but when she looked into this dragons eyes a calmness swallowed her. The dragon drought its head down to the ground "Are you Lucy Heartfilia?" It asked by the sound of its strong booming voice it was male. Lucy nodded. the dragon Smiled and rose his head in what seemed like pride "I'm Igneel." Lucy's mind whent blank she blinked a few times then she jumped to her feet "Your Natsu father!" Igneel nodded Lucy was speachless, she sat back down all feeling in her legs gone. "Lucy Heartfilia, You may tell my son that you met me but I ask you not to tell him Where you saw me."

Lucy looked at him "Why?"

"Because he must find me by him self."

"You mean he cant have any help from his friends?"

"That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that he needs to figure it out With or with out the help of his friends and telling him you met me here would be to easy." Lucy nodded in understandment

"So its like a trial or something."

"I guess thats what you can call it." A few moment of silence pass. Then Lucy looked up at Igneel the look of confusion on her face. Igneel brought his head back down "Yes? Lucy Heartfilia."

"Why'd you show your self to me? and you can just call me Lucy."

"That's Easy. I wanted to see my Son girl and its seems he's found a great one at that." Lucys face turned pink "But were ju.." Igneel cut her off

"I watch my son from were I stay. You take vary good care of my son and he takes care of you. I can see the bond you two have." Lucy's face turned a bright red, Igneel continued "The love you two share is strong. So I just had to meet you in person." Lucy Smiled looking down at the ground memorys flashing threw her head, her heart started to beat out of control.

why is my heart beating so fast?...

realization hit Lucy her eyes grew wide.

I... I love Natsu!

she closed her eyes and looked up at Igneel, with a big smile on her face.

"We do dont we!"

Lucy put her head to Igneels

"Thank you." She mumbled

Igneel shook his head lightly

"No thank you! For taking care of my son. I'm proud to call you my daughter." Lucy's eyes swelled with tears and she hugged Igneel, a smile on there faces. Lucy touck a steep back and looked at Igneel "You do know me and Natsu arent together right?"

"Yet." Igneel said, Lucy placed her hand on Igneels fourhead and kissed it

"I'm glade I finally got to meet you."

Igneel lifted his head "I must be going." sadness came over Lucy for a second but didnt let it fester she nodded "Bye... Igneel." Igneel smiled "Tell my son he's grown well." and then he left, Lucy watched as he sored up into the clouds, a smile on her face.

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