I'm so famous, You already know! *Part 1*

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Baha: Hey, everyone! Were back-

Shadow: And we got many dares.

Baha: Boi. *small karate chop* 

Shadow: Hmph. 

Tikal: Anyways we got SO MANY DARES! Like, this chapter may be the longest one yet! 

Sally: Ugh! So bad. You guys are the worst, Amy is even worse though.

Everyone: SHUT IT,BRAT! 

Sally: *lip smacks* Tsk. 

Alex: Today we will list dares starting off with @Janafantasy333: 

Her Dares: 

I dare Shadow and Silver to annoy Baha and Jana 

Truth for everyone: Is Sally still in the basement? 

If so, Baha and Jana need to use their powers and give her a lesson

 Truth for Baha: What's your favourite Ship in this gang 

I dare Cream to prank everyone with a horror prank

Shadow/Silver: *smirks* I will enjoy this very much.

Jana: NOOOOOO! *Gachaverse tears* 

Baha: *bangs head against table* Someone call Espio...

Everyone: I WILL! *smirks* 

Taj: I already am on dial....

Espio: *over phone* Hello? 

Taj: Hey, Espio. It's Taj! Baha wants you to come over!

Espio: *chuckles* Why?

Taj: Because she is about to get an overload of annoyance! Plus she lo-

Baha: TAAAAAJ! *grabs Taj's phone*

Taj: Hey, gimme my phone! *tries to get it back*

Everyone: *recording and laughing*   

Espio: Um, Baha?

Baha: Yes? 

Espio: Im at your door! *laughs* 


Baha: Do it! Catch, Taj! *throws phone over shoulder and opens door* 

Taj: BAHA! *catches it* 

Amy: Oh my gosh! *laughing*

Espio: Hello. *shakes head* 

Blaze: Shouldn't we start the dares? 

Silver/Shadow: *smirks evilly* Yep!

Baha/Jana: NOPE!

Baha: *jump behind Espio* 

Jana: *jumps behind....a cookie* OOOH! COOKIE! *eats it*

Cream: Aww man! I just baked that.

Jana: It was good!

Rouge: Of course it was! *takes cookie* 

Shadow: Hey, Jana. 

Jana: What, Shadzi?  

Shadow: *not amused* Knock Knock?

Jana: *suspicious* Who's there? 

Shadow: Cockadoodle.

Everyone: What? *confused* 

Jana: Um, Cockadoodle who?

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