Preferences: Sex With... Him

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A birthday present from the birthday girl (me) 😉 to you (My friends and family) Happy November 3rd, and happy 2 decades of existence to me👀


Max Verstappen
Dominant af. He always loved to allow you to do whatever you wanted except when it came to whatever happened inside those 4 walls. Watching your expressions firmly while he's inside of you was what made him go completely insane.

Valtteri Bottas
For Val it was all about Love, he had to make sure you were comfortable in every possible way, but never stopping the intensity. You always knew exactly what to make to please him equally.

Daniel Ricciardo
Absolutely unpredictable because you both wanted to be in control so you basically switched suddenly but never able to read each other's mind ending up always surprising each other never having enough,  everything ending in laughs and giggles because you're both goofs.

Lewis Hamilton
The sex should be filled with passion, love, steamy gazes, love bites, strong and tight holds. He always said you were his goddess and he made sure you felt as one, specially during sex.

Sebastian Vettel
The kinky guy. Trying new stuff was always so much fun for you two because of the constant distance between you, that meant always doing something special to make that crazy feeling spark between you two.

Charles Leclerc
The romantic kiddo. Charles is the old school type, sex isn't just a thing you had to do continuously, it had to be different even if he needed to dress up, put candles everywhere, add some chocolates to spice up but always keeping it romantic.

Antonio Giovinazzi
So.freaking.long. His sex build up was always insane starting from foreplay before the thing REALLY starts. He had to get you on the real mood and that meant doing it for a while until you reach the point you're too needy and you have to do IT.

Fernando Alonso
Submissive af. The spaniard knew what you needed and wanted besides being rough as heck would give it all to allow you to control the whole situation. Matter factly he loved when you were dominant, because that made you happy and he was always satisfied.

Kimi Raikkonen
The iceman was only iceman at the paddock because with you Kimi was always the sweetest guy, that including during sex. For him that was making love to you and that always made him want to stay as close as possible, your skin had to be pressed against his.

Stoffel Vandoorne
A rough guy. Hard to believe because everyone saw him like the fluffy Belgian waffle, and he really was but when it came to sex he was a complete mad man and YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVED THAT. it was like he transformed himself into a whole different man and no one approved that more than you.

Nico Hulkenberg
Nico was the shower sex dude. Yes you two truly loved to try new spaces and new places but the shower was his favourite. There he was rough, he was intense and so passionate, you ended up building a better stamina to hold your legs because boy how intense that was.


I'm bringing more one shots during the week, as a birthday celebration because WHY NOT? I think it's time to show you what I've been working in😉❤️

Ps: I accidentally posted this on the other book😂😂😂I'm so damn happy I didn't knew I screwed that bad... Anywaaay

Much love😘✌️🎉

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