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Sonora dropped off her last friend, smiling and waving to her through the open car window. "Bye!"

"Bye, Sunny! We need to do this again. I had a great time."

"Yeah, I'll text you when. In a couple of weeks?"

The girl nodded and waved again as she entered her apartment.

Sonora sobered for a moment. Will I be here in a couple of weeks? If I go with Ian, will I see my friends again? This kind of thought swirled through her mind every time she saw Ian, and often when she didn't. She wanted to go with Ian, but it was all the rest of it that was so very hard.

Well, right now we need to get this thing done. Maybe if the Atlantians get their Artifact back, they will look more favorably on humans. And on me specifically given how they feel about my race and my grandfather.

Sonora wasn't sure why a box was so important to them, but there were plenty of relics that humans had attachments to, so she understood the general idea. There was no doubt that Ian felt it was of the highest importance, and she respected him enough take his word for it. But if they didn't get it, she may never know if the Atlantians could do better.

I have to say, scoping out the museum was easier than I thought it would be. A little smirk came to her lips. And fun.

Sonora had been a little nervous, regardless of what she'd said to Ian and her grandfather. She'd never been a scout for a heist before. But this morning, she'd gathered up a few of her girlfriends and set off to the Marine Center.

The girls had no idea Sonora was moonlighting as a criminal, but with their help, she had gotten all the pictures she needed which she promptly sent off to her grandfather. Sonora had made sure she took pictures all through the museum area as well as the large tanks full of fish and sea mammals. But if someone studied her photos, they would see that many of them included doors, exits, and cameras.

Getting shots of the security cameras was a bit tricky even though the place was empty except for them, but if she placed herself just right, she could at least get them in selfies. No one suspected a thing, if anything they were irritated by all the giggling and inane questions the girls had asked. It wouldn't have surprised Sonora if a little prayer of thanks had been given once the gaggle of girls had gone out the door. Once they had left, the employees could go back to what Sonora suspected was their usual activity on a quiet museum afternoon, perusing Smithsonian Magazine.

Once the Marine Center was done, shopping was brought up, then a late dinner at Sammy's, a local seafood place with an upscale bar. The women had lingered there catching up, reluctant for the night to end. So it wasn't until midnight when Sonora pulled into her driveway.

Seeing her grandfather's kitchen light still on, Sonora made her way to his back door and tapped on it.

"Hey," she smiled at both of them as she settled into a chair across from Ian. The thought crossed her mind that Ian seemed pent up somehow, but she imagined it must be hard on him to stay in for this long when he usually had an entire sea to roam. But after the incident at the wedding, it seemed safer for him to lay low.

"Are you okay?" Blake asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Grandpa."

"It's been hours," Ian said crossing his arms.

Sonora was confused for a moment. "Since I sent the pictures. But we—" She reached a hand across the table toward Ian. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize you thought I'd come right back. We shopped and went down to Sammy's."

Ian softened as she explained, but when Sonora mentioned Sammy's he frowned, he had been there. "That's a bar."

"Yes, Ian, and restaurant." Sunny said, "Even good girls drink alcohol."

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