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[PnB Rock]
"You feel the vibe, it's contagious
Look in your eyes, shit is dangerous
Grateful I had all the patience
I know you going through some changes
You taking pictures, know your angles
Ooh, no we ain't perfect, but we damn close
Ooh, you give me something I can't pay for."

"No angel, but you got a halo
When it's nights like this, I really wanna be right here
I really wanna take you there (you there)
When it's nights like this, I really wanna be right here (be right here)
I really wanna take you there (you there, baby, yeah, yeah)."

Mary's POV

As the song played on the radio me and August sang along on our way to go get breakfast. California's bright sunny morning is so beautiful. Except for the horrendous traffic, but hey more music .

August turned the volume down just a bit .

"So baybeh , What are we gonna do today ?" He looked at me with a big smile .

"Ummm actually I have a show today . I told you already." His smile dropped .

"Aww baby don't do that to me ." I caressed his face .

"I really wanted to take you out on a date today." He kept the frown on his face.

"Baby I'll make it up to you tonight I promise." I held his hand .

He smiled so sweetly and then pecked my lips .

"It's alright I'll just hit the studio I need to finish the album ." He sighed .

"August Come on I'll make it up to you ." I grabbed his hand and kissed it.

"It's all good babygirl don't stress it ."I wasn't going to let him off that easy .

I'm going to take him out regardless.

At the show

It's show time . I'm getting hyped up from the side of the stage . I'm jumping from leg to leg and taking deep breaths to make the nervousness go away .

"LA give it up to my girl . The one and only bad bitch . The only bad bitch that has made albums half rap half singing . The baddest gall out here. GIVE IT UP TO MARY !" I ran out to the stage and the crowd went wild . The vibes were mad crazy .


Dave East a man I have never met in person. He's one of the homies . He holds it down even if I don't know him like that . He held it down like that . One day he asked me if I could sing some vocals for his song and I said yes. His music is dope . From then on We've been good friends.

When I saw him I gave him the biggest hug . The crowd stood in aw .

"This is the first time have met this girl in person . And let me tell you all that she is finer in person." The crowd smiled and all you heard was oooh's .

"This man is the goofiest and the most amazing when it comes to advice also he's probably one of the biggest pussies out here ." The crowd laughed .

"Hey yo ass better stop playing with me girl ." He chuckled.

"Ight then . Ayo Dj turn that shit up!"

He started singing his songs .  The crowd was dancing to it. I felt some type of way . It was such a good feeling.  We were performing together. Performing with someone makes it so much better .  You hype each other up and it feels good , so when you do your thing it feels fun .

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