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SUDDENLY ONE OF THE GUARDS SHOT ALL OF THE OTHERS. It confused them greatly until he revealed himself, Gally. The look on Mino's face was priceless as he whispered, "Gally?" He was very confused as he thought that Gally was indeed dead but now he wasn't, the asian boy must think he went insane by now.

"Minho." acknowledged Gally as he looked at his fellow glader. Gally looked at the window out of which they jumped and glanced at them again, "You guys are nuts." Gally spoke the pure truth with that sentence, in a way they were nuts.

"No really?" commented Thea sarcastically as she glanced at the window again, still fascinated at the way they dropped, it looked so far but yet so short. It felt like they had dropped for minutes but they only fell for mere seconds.

"I'll explain later." promised Thomas as he saw Minho's confused face. He definitely did not have a clue about a single thing which just had happened. His face definitely held confusion as he looked around.

The group ran as fast as they could trying to not get spotted by WICKED. They hid behind big plan pots made out of concrete, on which Thea leaned on trying to catch her breath. Besides her were Newt and Minho. Newt started to cough loudly as Thea patted his back. The situation for him had gotten worse. His face became paler and red dots started to show on it.

Thea grabbed his hand trying to calm him down by any means while Minho kneeled in front of his best friend with worry on his face. "Newt. How are you feeling?" quizzed the asian looking boy with sadness laced in his voice.

"Terrible." answered the blond haired boy from group a with a hint of amusement in his voice. He felt like it was his end, something he wished wouldn't dawn upon him. At this point he breathed quite heavily trying to catch his breath. "It's good to see you." Newt laid his hand on Minho's shoulder and chuckled. He started to chuckle quietly as he opened the jacket of the guard uniform as he was sweating.

Thomas came over to them after Minho left probably asking about Newt. "Come on. Let's get you up, Buddy." Thomas helped heaving Newt up with Thea. The blond boy almost fell but both of them caught him and helped him up again. His walk wasn't steady anymore as he toppled from side to side sometimes.

Thea steadied Newt as she slung his arm around her shoulder to support him. "Thank you." he mumbled with a heavy voice. She gave him a thankful smile as they continued on their way. A sudden explosion shook the ground beneath them as they saw how the walls of the city crumbled to pieces.

"They are supposed to destroy WICKED not the whole damn city." exclaimed Gally as he saw what kind of destruction was happening around them. "Good to know that." commented Thea as she glanced at the place where once the wall stood.

As she glanced back at Newt she saw how green dots covered his skin by now. He started to sweat even more with beads of sweat covering his forehead. The group continued on their way with heavy footsteps. Thea's shoulder slumped as she tried to keep steady Newt. Gally led them through a passageway as alarms started blaring throught the whole city.

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