| chapter 1

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Kara danvers had a simple day, checked in at the DEO, went to work at catco, and went home on a friday night.
But that was the thing, it was friday night.
friday nights, were the especially eventful nights for kara.
Every friday night, lena luthor would come to the apartment. They would have laughs, the would have wine, they would have food.
But they're favorite thing to have, was sex.
It wasn't a drunken thing, nor was it friends with benefits.
It was secretive. they never spoke of it, why?
Lena was in a relationship with james olsen, one she was too afraid to break off.
To lena, james was the relationship pushed to the side. To her, what she had with kara was real.
To kara, it felt wrong in so many ways. But so right at the same time. She wanted it to be real, she wanted all of it. She would always urge lena to break up with james.

"Lee, please. You know you need to."
"I know i need to, i just can't. It's too risky."
"Well hell he's guardian!" Lena says while putting her shirt back on.
"Yeah well i am supergirl, I'm an alien. guardian's just a walking metal trash can, baby."
"I will eventually, i promise "
"I can literally dangle him over your penthouse balcony by his finger if he threatens you."
"That's very heroic of you, kara. But i will do it when its right, ok?"
"Alright, I'll give you time."
"Thank you, also, i know james will be away on a trip to metropolis next week. you know what that means."
"You're place next week?"
"You know it babe, I'll see you at L-corp tomorrow?"
"Of course"


Now, the whole friday nights of love thing didn't start spontaneously. Lena and kara have been best friends for years. The romance started drunk, 7 months ago.

It was a Saturday night. alex, winn, mon-el, kara and lena had all gone to the alien bar for a hell of a night.
Mon-el of course had gone down on his 3rd drink, and had women all over him.
Alex was moderate with her drinking, she only had a little bit of scotch.
Kara, had 2, almost three drinks. The specialized kryptonian ones of course. They hit pretty hard.
Lena was on her 4th drink. Single, tipsy, and looking for something to do.
Kara was never the hook-up type. But she was drunk, and completely two faced at that point.
"Hey kara."
Lena was always a smooth, yet emotional drunk.
"Hey lena, holy shit." Kara said slurring her words.
"What is it?"
"You look nice."
"Do i now?"
Lena was bored, drunk, and flirty.
Kara was drunk, and ready to let all her feelings out. Much like when she's on red k.
It was a drunken mistake to them both at first.


Alex had been concerned for her sister throughout the whole thing. It was something alex knew kara wasn't used to, she had a feeling her sister felt wrong about it. After all, alex had done a similar thing on a different earth.

"I don't know, alex. it just feels so wrong, yet so right at the same time!"
"I know kara i know. Lets just go over the good and the bad about it, ok?"
"Ok well, i know lena likes me. its not just meaningless, you know? And i like her too."
"And the bad?"
"She's also with james, alex! You wouldn't have done what you did with sara if she was with ava back then, would you?"
"I- uh- no, it was complicated between them. But this isn't about me, its about you."
"She says she's 'afraid' to break up with him because he's guardian, but he's just a walking trash can! I'm supergirl."
"Walking trash can." Alex snickers.
"I'm not wrong."
"Kara, she says she's going to break up with him, whats the issue?"
"She's still with him! And james is- or was, my friend." Kara sighs
"What makes you think he won't be your friend after she breaks up with him?"
"Hes a self centered douchebag." Kara shrugs.
"You have a point."
"It just feels so wrong, lena literally tells james we have 'friday girls nights' it- i just feel like fucking trash."
"Kara, you're not trash, you're an amazing, young, and beautiful woman."
"And an alien." Kara adds.
"That too. My point is, if lena felt for james, it would be really bad. But she obviously doesn't, sounds to me like she wants you."
"I'll think about it."
"Haven't you already done enough of that?"
"You've got a point there."
"Just give it time, its obvious you're the one she wants, kara."

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