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"FREEZE!" SHOUTED A GUARD AS HE SHOT AT THEM MAKING THE GROUP DUCK. They sprinted away from the guards who followed them. Thea felt how her heart thumped against her chest as she ran. They managed to mostly escape the guards but then there stood Janson with the same smirk he wore on his face just before the group escaped into the scorch. Thea thought that he still looked like a rat.

Thea was the only one to see Janson standing there, something she would rather have not seen. Janson outsmarted them in a way as he came right around the corner and shot at them. They sprinted into a room and locked the door of it or more like Thomas locked the door. The banging noise of someone on the opposite side of it echoed throughout the room as the four of them stood in there awkwardly.

"Newt! Come on." Minho ran over to a table and pushed it over to block the door with Newt. Thea looked around the room, trying to find a way to escape. It reminded her of the situation they had in the scorch, where they were locked in the medical room with guards blocking their way. Her gaze fell onto the window making her only think, "Oh hell no."

"Any ideas?" interrogated Minho as the WICKED guards started working on opening the door. Fire seemed to be their only solution to the problem of a locked door.

"I think I might have an idea. It may be stupid but it could be our only way. Remember what we did before we entered the scorch? How we smashed the window? Yeah, that's my plan. But I don't know how." she gulped as she explained her plan to the boys around her.

Thomas had a confident look on his face as he glanced at his friend. "I might know how." They ended up throwing a tube through the window which landed in the water below. The window broke completely as they looked down to see the tube hitting the water making the water splash upwards.

Panic washed over Thea as she looked down, jumping from building to building on a zip line was one thing but this was another. "You can do it, Thea." encouraged Newt as he saw how worried she looked. Her eyes were widened to a size which could be deemed impossible. She took a deep breath and nodded at him. He leaned over to her and gave her a short kiss on her forehead to calm her down, something which seemed to work most of the time.

Minho looked at the two of them with a confused look on his face. "Y-you? What?" he quizzed as he looked at them. "Yep and she makes me bloody happy." replied Newt with a small smile gracing his lips.

"Okay. Still good?" doubted Thomas as he looked at his friends as if he was asking them if they were ready to jump. "We might wanna get a head start."

"Are you sure about this?" wondered Minho as the four of them positioned themselves, ready to sprint towards the window. Well they were mostly ready.

"No." replied Thomas at the same time as Thea did.

"Nice prep talk."

"Yeah, we're all bloody inspired." commented Newt with a sarcastic undertone.

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